Postal cheques

I’ve just opened an account and have a cheque to deposit. I’ve looked online and it says to post it recorded delivery to simply…

Is this info correct and is there a limit to cheque deposit size?

Thanks in advance

It is.

Though personally, just for good measure, I’d put their full address on the envelope anyway. You can find this in the "account’ tab under your card in the home menu.

Yep correct that’s all I’ve done in the past and it gets there fine


Same here ! You get a notification in the app when the cheque is received telling you the date it will clear. On clearance day it just appears as a credit.
Easy ! :+1:

Using the freepost address isn’t recorded delivery. It’s just a free way to get your cheque to Monzo and they’ll let you know when they receive it. Other than that, you don’t get any other tracking, signatures or proof of delivery.

As mentioned in the help article:

So you need to pay for recorded/tracked delivery yourself if you want it. And in this case you use the full postal address which is also provided in the article.


Thank you all very much. Perfect. What is the usual timescale from posting to clearing?

That’s also in the article I gave you above :see_no_evil:

If the cheque is less than £500, you could open a Starling account and have the money ready to spend by the day after tomorrow.


You shouldn’t put the full address and the Freepost one on the same envelope.

Choose one and if using the full address pay for postage or a tracked service

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Takes about a week to process then a few days to clear. If you have a traditional bank account open it’s easier to deposit there and transfer the money to Monzo. Hopefully one day they’ll improve this by allowing deposits at the post office or similar but not today.

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Definitely send it tracked. I’ve only ever sent one cheque and it never arrived! Was only for £16 though so never made a fuss!