⏰ Cheque imaging

Just had an email to say that Starling are bringing cheque imaging to their app shortly.

Monzo are getting behind the curve with this one!


Ditto here on the email from Starling. Not a huge advantage but definitely a convenience.

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I think maybe their hope is Cheques get phased out before they have to implement it. :rofl:


I thought cheque Imaging worked the same way as cash deposits.

Monzo don’t want to deal with it so palm it off to other banks and then you transfer across - The #fullmonzo way.

I know this might sound a bit bitter but if I was new to a challenger bank I don’t see anything that would make me pick Monzo over starling - lower international atm, no cheque imaging, cash deposits are awful and it simply doesn’t work whatever they say At least monzo has the knife and fork in the right direction though.


And on Monzo the car looks like a car, apart from when it turns into a train.

So, I’ve got both Monzo and Starling and at different times switched between the 2 as my ‘main’ spending money bank.

At the moment, the one thing Monzo has over Starling that’s made me switch to using Monzo for most of my banking needs is being able to setup a bill pot, transfer a lump sum into that on payday to cover all my bills and then forget about it.

Before Monzo introduced that, I used to manage that by having my salary paid into my old bank account (Natwest) and then transfer out my ‘spending money’ into Monzo (or Starling - depending on if I wanted to use the Coral or Teal card that month).

What I particular like about Starling, and would mean I would probably switch to ‘Full Starling’ if/when they introduce something similar to ‘Bill Pots’ (Anne @ Starling did say last year they were working on something for that that they thought was ‘even better’ - take that with a pinch of salt though!), is the much better card controls Starling offer. So, with Monzo you can freeze your card if you can’t find it and unfreeze when it’s found but with Starling you can turn off certain features on the card - the magstripe, ATM withdrawals, online payments , card present (chip and pin + contactless), mobile wallet. My current setup is that it’s only active in ApplePay as that’s how I used it the vast majority of the time and I’ve only been caught out once when at a Tesco garage their contactless system was completely down and I had to use chip and pin.

I have had 1 cheque to pay into my account and I posted it off to Monzo and worked exactly as I expected. Because of the amount on the cheque, I did send it recorded delivery and I tracked it, saw that it had been received by Monzo and within an hour there was a notification on my account saying that it had been received, confirming the amount and when the money would clear into my account. I don’t know how much slower it would’ve been using the ‘Freepost Monzo’ service though.

I can see both sides of the argument on cheque imaging. I generally get at most 1 cheque a year so am I an average user and so most of their customers get around the same? As Starling is aggressively marketing their Business account now and Business accounts are far more likely to use cheques, it’s not a shock they’re focused on this more. When Monzo fully launch their business account, hopefully they’re also have a better solution for cheques as well.


Just thought I’d add Starling has set a limit of 4 a week for personal, and 10 for business under the cheque imaging.

Should be plenty for most unless your business takes a lot of cheques like more than three every two days.

Also the cheque imaging limit is £500 per cheque. That’s not a Starling limit however.


With Starling having just launched this feature, see Starling Twitter and Deposit Cheques from Mobile and everyone stuck at home in lockdown - perhaps now is a good time to reconsider building this?


With everyone being on lockdown now is the worst time to consider this.

There’s a post on here that explains lots of cutbacks, projects placed on hold and staff being furloughed means that they’ve got a lot on their plate and an uncertain future. This is where all their attention is now.


It’s not just a question of building it though. Monzo has to be plugged into a wider banking network for cheque imaging, and there are only so many onboarding points a year, which have to be fixed with Monzo well in advance. Monzo has stated it has no intention of setting up an onboarding slot after it withdrew from the last timetabled entry point.


Would Monzo look at adding cheque payments into bank accounts?
O have to keep my Barclays account open for this reason to pay in cheque payments via banking app.
Then transfer to my Monzo Account.
Would be great if Monzo offered this service
As posting them takes ages…


Is it possible to scan in a cheque via phone camera? Its a feature Barclays have that I believe Monzo can also incorporate.

You can vote for it here - ⏰ Cheque imaging

Afraid it’s not as simple as just switching on the camera. Monzo aren’t planning on getting hooked up to the cheque imaging service anytime soon, sadly.

Keep your Barclays account open for that.


Or, if you’ve switched to monzo by CASS and closed your Barclays account, Starling Bank also offer electronic paying in for cheques, and opening an account is (like monzo) quick and easy.


So do a few other more regular high street banks if you’re not on a Starling commission.


In fairness to @Quadri i think they were just suggesting this should be something Monzo have as well as alot of the other banks now have it, monzo are in the minority that dont offer it.

I dont think it needed the sales pitch in return for starling and it didnt need the snark comment after also about commission :man_shrugging:


I’m not getting any payments from Starling, thank you. Is making that kind of an accusation part of the Coral Crew’s role now?

I mentioned starling specifically because their accounts are quick and easy to open and, therefore, I would suggest they provide the best option for anyone who needs to open another account in order to access cheque imaging.


Sorry, not intended as a specific financial barb at you but more a poke at the usuals very quick “rush to Starling” whenever someone wants something Monzo doesn’t do.