Cheque imaging ๐Ÿ”œ

Both monzo and starling have no limit on foreign exchange, just starling has unlimited for cash withdrawals also. (daily limit iirc)

Yeah, I just run my Starling account through Emma and that wraps up the budgeting for me OK. As soon as Starling differentiate my bills from my spending money itโ€™ll be damnโ€“near perfect.

If you get a cheque how can you pay it in at this time?.

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This way is ok but you got to relay on posting it witch is fine but it added days to get the money at the end. And also add the risk of getting lost yes I know you can get a tracked delivery but agin would it nit be better and fast to scan a cheque ok you could argue that this may increase fraud or attempt to.

Yep there are pros and cons.

Be sure to vote at the top of this topic if you think cheque imagine would be useful :slight_smile:

I still a bit unsure as all ways they is pro and cons

Charging for cheque imaging should be a definite no.


Hi Anon4562461,

This is actually a service that exists with some British high street banks. Such as Halifax & Lloydโ€™s offer thus service on there mobile banking app. Thereโ€™s a maximum limit of ยฃ2,500 per a cheque. I think itโ€™s a brilliant idea if Monzo offered this feature, especially as it would meet within there โ€œgoalsโ€ of becoming a completely online bank provider, without the need for branch visits.

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Thatโ€™s a follow-up to a 3.5 year-old post from a now-defunct member of the forum (Anonxxxxxxx means the user isnโ€™t a user anymore)

The maximum limit may be different per bank account - my HSBC account can deposit up to ยฃ750 in one day, with a maximum of ยฃ500 per cheque.


Thank you for your input.


Iโ€™ve had to send in 2 cheques since opening my account In December, the 1st one I sent as signed for as it was an insurance cheque and I wanted to make sure it got there, this only took around 7 days in total to get credited to my account. The 2nd cheque was just a Christmas one which I sent via the freepost address last week on the Monday, just got the notification today via the app that cheque is in and will be credited by next Tuesday.

Itโ€™s a fairly cumbersome process to be honest but at least itโ€™s an option that works, would be nice to be able to just send the images and job done

Cheque are slowly fading I mean you used it get a cheque book with a bank but now you donโ€™t all thou you can ask for one

would be great to add a feature where you take a picture using the Monzo app of your cheque then click which account it needs to be paid into, this is a feature that has been added to a few other banks now. rather than having to post a cheque

Yes wou save lots of time and if you could do that and it go in to your account fast

Figures for 2019 isnโ€™t available but in 2018 346 million cheques were used for payments and to acquire cash across the UK, totaling a value of ยฃ442 billion. Cheques are decreasing slowly year on year but they are nowhere near disappearing yet.


No they not gone yet and lots of people still use them

Iโ€™ve said before, for a digital bank with no branches paying in money needs to be easier than what it currently is, including cash. Monzo shelved cheque imaging and prioritised other things (which incidentally, I didnโ€™t disagree with) but it is not on the road map and with business banking I believe this should be a must have.


For business banking yes cheque are still used but not as mush as they wore used one time a day.