Cheque imaging ๐Ÿ”œ

Now hug it outโ€ฆ proud of you both :laughing:

Just actually checked the business accounts trello board and noticed cheque imagining isnt even on there? has that always been the case.

Iโ€™d say without the pressure from businesses to provide this then there will probably be no hope despite the high number of votes.

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I mean the fact that monzo was called mondo when this feature was requested says it all reallyโ€ฆ :rofl:


Can you put something on here where is can take a picture of a cheque which then goes into your account instead of sending it off and worrying if it gets to you, then waiting for cheque to clear

This currently isnโ€™t an option with Monzo, Iโ€™m sure the forum will light up when it is enabled.

Blimey, even first direct now supports cheque deposit via in-app imaging following release of a new version of their app todayโ€ฆ



I must download that. All I need now is a chequeโ€ฆ


Just time travel 15 years back and wait 12 months, chances are you MIGHT get one.

I love the optimistic โ€™when,โ€™ there. :joy:


I didnโ€™t say which year it would be enabled :rofl:


The only cheque I used to get was a tax rebate from HMRC. I have just got mine this year, and finally, they let you claim it online!

I imagine that was quite a large % of cheques in the UK

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Yeah shame they didnโ€™t release it a few weeks ago when I unexpectedly received probably the only cheque I will receive this year (thanks HMRC! shame you didnโ€™t use the bank sort code & account number that I have religiously input to your online systems year after year!) forcing me to have to go into the local HSBC branch - and deposit the cheque to my old first direct a/c via a paying in machine so that it could be cleared via, er, cheque imaging clearing system :joy:

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Itโ€™s a very small percentage of UK cheques

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Any evidence that cheques issued by HMRC are not a large portion?

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Nothing I can share but if you assume that those most likely to get tax refunds are in the self assessment system - then that is around 11.5 million people

There are around 345 million cheques issued each year in the UK so even if everyone who filled a self assessment return got a cheque refund then that would be just over 3%โ€ฆ And since most donโ€™t get a refund - they end up with a tax bill, itโ€™s less then this - so as I say itโ€™s a small % of cheques


And presumably, many who get refunds get them credited to their bank accounts. It canโ€™t only be me, surely? (Although money will be flowing the other way this year, mutters)


Letโ€™s be fair here - you could have posted it to Monzo instead to be eventually cleared via the cheque imaging clearing system instead :wink:

And how many weeks would you need to wait for that? A lot of the other banks process cheques almost immediately.

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True enough. I could have done that. But I didnโ€™t because, rightly or wrongly, I judged it to be likely the slowest and so the least preferable of the 3 options that seemed open to me at the time:

  1. Deposit via in-app cheque imaging (not available at that time via either first direct or Monzo).

  2. Deposit at branch (which is admittedly only 5 minutes walk from my house - it was during early lockdown but I decided to risk it).

  3. Post to Monzo (my assumption - probably wrongly - was that would be the slowest method as Royal Mail was subject to delays and my perception is that Freepost letters are lowish priority handling, also I wasnโ€™t aware it would be cleared via CICS once received and assumed the whole thing would be akin to paying in a cheque at a building society).

And HMRC could have done me the biggest favour of all by paying electronically.

But we all make mistakes donโ€™t we? Next time I get a cheque in the post, Iโ€™ll give Monzo postal deposit a whirl!


I fully agree with your decision to go to a branch to do it - I was trying to emphasise just how inadequate the current Monzo solution for paying in cheques is


Yes, the cheque was deposited into a HSBC paying-in machine at the local branch (which I walked to) about 2pm on the Monday, funds credited (cleared) about 5pm the next day. Was impressed.

Since then, other half has deposited a couple of cheques received for the business she runsinto their Starling Bank a/c which launched in-app cheque imaging during April or May. Similarly impressive experience - easy to do, fast to clear, no inconvenience.

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