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Any idea what for? Have you had any unusual payments in or out of your account? I’ll be interested to see how this is handled.

Back when the Starling forum was a thing, I pointed out this very bug. I explained in detail what the issue was, why it was happening and what needed to be changed in order to fix it. They acknowledged my post but never acted on it, which is frustrating. Same thing happened with a similar bug in the Pulse not grouping by merchant :confused:


I know why, I transferred £25k once and got a message in app asking to explain - also explained I’d be expecting it to happen again as I was transferring savings to Marcus (Starling is my ‘linked’ account so it had to go through Starling) and the other bank had a daily faster payment limit.

Instead of keeping this note they’ve decided to block my account and ask me again what it’s for despite them already knowing.


The main tab is pretty dreadful, years ago I assumed it was a best first effort and they would improve it, but it still persists. Opens to a useless screen showing how much I spent today (never been helpful for me, no way to turn it off). Then when I get to the feed, all the transactions show the time they occurred on the secondary line instead of any notes I’ve added. How is that at all useful? Then the transaction detail screens have loads of empty space, and information isn’t laid out in a way that makes it quick to see and digest key information. I find the basic interaction with the app so tedious that I’ve stopped using it. The transfers section is excellent, but the main part of the app is awful.

Basically, they need to redesign and overhaul the main screen/feed. It’s such a fundamental part of the experience. I’m amazed they haven’t yet, it’s like they don’t even use it (or haven’t used an app that presents information in a useful way so they don’t know what they’re missing?). If this is their level of interaction design, I don’t hold out much hope for budgeting features.


Just looking through my previous spending amounts and comparing Merchant with Categories, the difference for me is BACS payments to other individuals (in my case, my own Monzo account). So, whilst they’re counted in ‘Categories’ (as a payment) they’ve not counted in Merchants - presumably because there isn’t an ‘official’ one?

Maybe for those payments they need to setup the receiving bank as a merchant? Or even better, the individual person you’re paying to (so if you were paying multiple people who are with the same bank, you’ll be able see each one individually).

The 2 features that made me switch from Starling as my ‘main’ everyday account to Monzo as my main everyday account was:

Setting up Bill Pots
Being able to ‘collect’ payments (ie - wages) a day early.

If Starling introduce bills pots, I’d seriously consider moving back as I prefer the much greater control they let you put on your card - being able to separately block ATM withdrawals, Online Payments, Mobile Wallets, Card Present (chip and pin/contactless) and magstripe. So I’ve got Card Present and Magstripe turned off so the card itself can only be used for taking money out of an ATM and everything else is done through Applepay.

Getting paid early is a nice safety blanket to have - but I’m trying not to get used to it.

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Back on icons, you call that a vehicle? What’s with the missing line at the back, it feels very much a sod it, that’ll do, I want to go on my lunch break. I mean just do a wheel icon if you want to make it more generic than a car.

:baby: :pencil2:
This now looks like a toddler playing dot to dot and got distracted by a toy. :taxi: :t_rex: :tennis:

Maybe I can get a Twitter poll going and get them to change it like Monzo. Along with another for the food saying I use chopsticks and feel discriminated so we end up with an avocado as the food symbol to be more “relatable” to everyone.


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Unrestricted within an hour. Good service to that end. Didn’t take too long.


Understatement of the year. It’s the chocolate fire guard of banking app front screens.

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On this point

Opens to a useless screen showing how much I spent today (never been helpful for me, no way to turn it off).

Erm - on my Starling app, the main tab is now a monthly breakdown of what I’ve spent - not a daily one.

I have a spent today , and then a spent this month with a swipe right -
which is quite new I think :slight_smile:

I’ve got monthly spend on login - and then swipe left for today. Not sure if it just remembers what view you were on when you closed it maybe?


Is this on iOS? I’m on Android and don’t have a swipe and am stuck on “Spent today” only.

Good to hear :+1:t2:


Yes, I believe it’s iOS-only currently. Hope they introduce it to the Android app soon.

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That would explain it then. Yes, I’m hopeful we’ll get this too, the today feed isn’t immediately useful to me whereas the month view sounds like it would be much more so. I just wish we had better visibility of their plans for updates, tbh.

Interesting, didn’t know you could now swipe to spent monthly. An improvement to be sure, but still not what I want when I open the app. I want to go straight to the feed and get down to business, not ponder the breakdown of my spending over the past month. For my usage, the app is just a bit of a chore. Except for the transfers section which is sooooo nice!


Yup - got it the same. Income in Merchants is included in Categories - interest from Starling isn’t. R-

I hope they work on excluded transactions. Currently sat with about £2k outgoings a month when it’s really just out then back in to meet min pay ins for Lloyd’s

One thing that’s been driving me nuts with Starling are the low resolution/fuzzy merchant logos. Monzo manages to make them clear and sharp, why can’t Starling?

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Doesn’t look fuzzy to me, in all honesty. It’s not an issue I’ve noticed or even heard about before…