⏰ Cheque imaging

I agree. It’s a barrier and it stops people using Monzo. My other half has a Monzo account which she uses when she travels. I’ve been trying to persuade her to move from Halifax, but she won’t. The reason is that with Halifax when she gets a cheque she can pay it in on the app but with Monzo she has to post it.

I won’t post my cheques to Monzo - so she questions why should she.


Is that a bad thing for a young customer number hungry bank?

That was done specifically by the growth team and would not have delayed cheque imaging

I was using it as an example of something being developed that has no tangible benefit. I can’t see it making Monzo money and doesn’t really help the customer.

Cheque imaging does, whether or not you sit on the side of the fence that cheques are archaic. It’s an improvement on the current cheque paying-in process.


Faster to and much better. Barclays only allow up-to £50 though.

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Interesting. I was going to open up a second bank account for work expenses which includes cheque imaging, but the cheques I receive are £82.

Oh my apologies it’s £500 :wink: missed a 0.

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If getting paid a day or two early encourages people to get their salary paid into their Monzo account, then it would make Monzo money - Monzo have said they make something like +£30 on average from salaried accounts compared to around +£4 average from all accounts.


But people like my OH won’t switch when something most people consider as a basic feature of a bank account isn’t available. The legacy banks are all starting to offer cheque imaging in app, but this new challenger bank has no plans too. Something is wrong with that last sentence.


This should be easily achieved. Major UK banks been doing it for a while.

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All those major UK banks were already clearing banks though

If all that lay between Monzo and cheque imaging was adding a bit of OCR then I imagine they would have done it already, but it was not and is not


Not without some issues, it seems.

Not exactly the same, this is Natwest’s back-end cheque imaging system rather than the front-end (which they don’t have), which everyone is going to have to have eventually anyway.