⏰ Cheque imaging

I do love a good £1 coin :smiley:

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As a man who has recently lost a lot of weight a decent bill paid in £1 coins is a surefire way for me to lose my trousers.


So succinctly put!

Monzo have really dropped the ball with this one (in my opinion - before I get jumped on!) and cheque imaging should be a no-brainer with business banking on the horizon.


Vaguely remember people including me pointing out the cheque issue and business banking

I don’t think Monzo should just blindly copy other banks, they should assess the need (as they have) and act accordingly.

I love that Monzo are focusing on the future by building innovative things such as Pay Early and Committed Spending pots (things that really help people) instead of clinging onto archaic and insecure payment methods.

I think we can all agree that nobody likes issuing or receiving cheques because they’re a pain for everyone involved. Even if you had the cheque imaging software it would still require effort and long delays in receiving and producing to name a few.

Monzo paving the way to phase them out is a great step in the right direction if you ask me. Then the more we can do to help the better as well :slight_smile:


is using OCR to take an image of a cheque not innovative?


Not really.

If cheque use is declining why waste money on developing something to support them. It doesn’t make any sense, especially for a business :man_shrugging:

All companies phase out software, services and such. People might not see the benefits at first but they will eventually :slight_smile:

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I don’t think this will ever be settled :joy:


I would have argued that it would have been innovative to be the first ones to do it but also the stats don’t necessarily support that idea that cheques are declining.
The fact stands that the tech is there you can get it on Github the regulatory part is the thing that takes for ever

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Haha neither do I.

Hopefully we can look back on this in the near future and be like “cheques?!?! What were we thinking!” :joy:

We’ll still have postal orders in 10 years, mark these words.


The Payments Council has listened to what the Government and others have said about the future of the cheque. It has decided to remove any uncertainty about the future of cheques by announcing that cheques will continue for as long as they are needed. Instead, it will focus on making all payments fit for the 21st century by encouraging innovation in new and existing types of payment methods.

(Gov source here)

So yes, even the government canned, err…, canning cheques to encourage more innovative approaches to payment.

To those of you taking bullish stances of either “I hate cheques so Monzo should sack them off entirely to boycott the system” that evidently isn’t going to work to play the game that way. And those on the other side saying “that’s the way the world is suck it up” again please trust in Monzo and other fintechers to think outside the box!!

To be honest we are also all pretty bored of the unnecessary hate and shade throwing going on in the community :pensive:


Im finding it infinitely entertaining :wink:


Haha. Well, it’s hardly conducive when it’s getting personal :cry::sunglasses:

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I’ve just had a refund from Delta, it came as a cheque. They’re a huge airline, but still issue refunds my cheque. So your opinion is clearly not shared by many other businesses.

I’m not sure why you’re highlighting my post because you received a cheque.

As per my later posts you don’t have to accept it if you find a cheque difficult to process.

See: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/regulation/34/made

In particular I’d like to highlight:

Unless you paid by cheque.


I’m a sole trader, i recently put it in my contracts I refuse to accept cheque because it’s a pain in the ass and it’s 2019.

I have maybe had 3 in the 10 years.


Because your belligerence, lack of empathy and complete refusal to accept anybody else’s viewpoint regarding cheques is absolutely infuriating.

I don’t have a problem with accepting cheques. I do have a problem with Monzo’s attitude to cheques and it’s a barrier to myself (& and I’m sure many others) going 100% Monzo.

You have a problem with cheques - that’s fine, but please don’t try and enforce your views on others.


And on top of this I don’t understand the argument that “there are much more pressing things to develop” with things like getting paid a day earlier being cited as one of them (I can’t see the benefit of this other than pandering to people’s impatience).

Core banking like paying in cash and cheques becoming easier (cash is now easy, if you ignore the cost) is what will grow Monzo. Cheque imaging, or partnering with a high street bank even, will remove the risk of posting cheques.