Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

I know the comments on fax were in jest, but you’d be surprised at how many fax machines exist and are in use, as well as the number of dial up connections in use.

Can second this.

The double glazing industry relies on fax. (It was changing rapidly when I left though).

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I wondered why my windows didn’t fit! :joy:


When Features are announced it should be thought out properly considering other projects priorities.Repeated missed Launches have a bad effect on those many , or few who have been looking forward to it. The same thing happened with Apple Pay. Over a year after promised . I’d suggest better forward planning .


Could someone possibly link to the post that contains the vote for this feature, or at least an over all summary and close this thread if it is not going ahead anymore.
I would like this feature to be introduced but understand Monzo have it on the back burner at the moment.

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Here you go

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So… we getting it yet?

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There is a massive poll knocking around somewhere. While it would seem that people want this, when it goes up against other features they’d rather have those :man_shrugging:

Either way, you’ll probably need to wait until September to find out like they mentioned :slight_smile:

So I’ve sent off my first cheque to Monzo… Interested to see how long it takes to get processed

Massive poll:

Occasionally I receive cheques in the post to be paid into my account. My main bank gives me the option to pay in the cheque by taking a photo of both sides, which is then put to pending status until the cheque has been verified, at which point the funds become available to spend. I think this is a great idea, it saves time and effort having to go to the bank to deposit the cheque in person, and also is quicker and more secure than sending a cheque by post. It would be great if Monzo could adopt a similar feature.


I sent my cheque Thursday last week (it’s now Tuesday for those who read this message in the future…) - how long have people had to wait before getting a notification to say the cheque has been received?

Sorry to tell you this but the last one I sent was posted on July 8th ( with a first class stamp, not Freepost) and I didn’t receive a notification until July 17th, which meant the funds didn’t hit my account until July 24th. Next time I intend to hand deliver and see how long that takes.

I find it takes 7-10 days for notification of receipt, then another week or so for funds to credit.

The help article says the following:

So you’ve got a little more waiting to do yet :slight_smile:

Oh that’s been updated recently then

Ahh ok. I’ve never used it so couldn’t say :man_shrugging:

Source for anyone wanting to take a look:

Tracked postage details are in there too if you wanted it to get there faster.

The cheque has appeared in-app :slight_smile:

It was an experiment, kinda. Had a parking refund from months ago for £42 and wanted to see what sending a cheque Freepost was like. Tbh, I’ve been anxious it was lost in the post.

I’ve now got an HMRC cheque for £110 tax rebate that I’m toying with sending to Monzo, but really don’t fancy spending the money on tracked post. Might just open a Barclays or HSBC account this week to deposit cheques via imaging instead for the convenience.

Edit: just opened a B account to deposit the cheque. Having now used cheque imaging I cannot fathom why Monzo haven’t adopted this and marketed it as a forward-thinking way to tackle cheques for the time being.


Depositing by mail is fine. Don’t forget lost checks can be canceled.

It is common with some banks in the US even though ATMs take deposits and Apps can deposit by picture. Some older people prefer it as they may not be online.

I have done it without issue.