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So because it’s how we expect banks to work that’s okay? And as soon as someone doesn’t agree with it then they will get told to shut up? I thought the idea of Monzo was fairer banking etc etc? I’ll keep my mouth :zipper_mouth_face:. It’s obvious people aren’t entitled to their opinions.

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If you look at the accounts on companies house you will see they have been checked and signed off but an outside company

Let’s not lose sight of the main point here… monzo are behind the competition.


I said statements - plural. I referring to the ones that @Feathers quoted where you said all members are either investors or staff etc.

I was just saying that it’s not helping your case, just say you’d like cheque imaging because you think it’s useful and keep it simple. It was just a bit of advice otherwise this happens and you end up off topic.

If I said I would love cheque imagery would that change anything? In my initial statement it pretty much said yes I’d like this but I decided to include a few more words to show I disapproved the termination of the feature due to stats etc. But being able to comment how I feel and see the situation is a no no.


Absolutely they are. It’s a forum, try and stop people from having opinions! :joy: What no one’s entitled to is invent their own facts to justify their opinions. That just weakens their arguments. Just look at politics at the moment!

Anyway…also off topic.


There’s just no helping some people :roll_eyes:

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I’m not sure you missed that they haven’t abandoned this, when they have time they will pick it up again. There are only a couple of chances each year to be approved for the scheme though


Can we not post unnecessarily confrontational comments please?


Trust me on this but Monzo was created as it’s founders thought they would make a lot of money, it has and that had to come first (legally)

On the issue of cheque imaging, many investors want Monzo to offer it too - not only because it’s a) good for customers b) a ‘fintech’ solution that other banks are already introducing/have but also as it would reduce the need for customers to have non Monzo accounts.


I’m not entirely sure why this post was flagged. It’s sarcastic, but not inappropriate.

I’m still a little confused as to why some forum members are so quick to shoot down new members as well as those wanting a service that they don’t. It’s not friendly. @darrylgeorge94 was merely voicing his opinion.

I still believe that if Monzo are to be truly taken seriously as a bank for the masses (and by that, I mean being used as a person’s main bank with salary paid in) they need to bolster traditional banking services.

In my opinion this is offering cheque imaging for cheques below £500 and Post Office depositing for cheques above £500. As well as allowing cash deposits via Post Offices (preferably for free).

I know this means new cards etc etc, but it’ll future proof the bank.


Thanks for making your voice heard on this. The comment was flagged no doubt as the reporter wanted to feel like the alpha male. Anyway best not carry on.

I agree with everything you say. It’s surprising that the basics haven’t been modernised. Cheques still get processed like they did 20 years ago despite technology being available. You are still limited to where you can deposit cash. Still unable to modernise the packages they offer their customers (with the disaster of packages they’ve just pulled). I have to admit Monzo are going places, but it’s only a matter of time before a big boy decides to do everything Monzo does but more. They have to be quicker to get further ahead, not slowing down to let the big boys catch up.


Are big girls allowed to join the party as well? :joy:

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Whatever floats your boat :grin::joy:

Sure Monzo is a ‘bank of the future’ but what they forget is that it has to be functional with the present and backward compatible. Cash, cheques are still being used! Why not facilitate depositing it is beyond me.


They do facilitate cheque deposits? :confused:

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But it’s not great!

No, I would not call having an over complicated and time consuming process as facilitating to deposit checks. Nor would I call having to pay to deposit cash facilitating that.


Whatever we think of having to deposit cheques this way, posting something can’t really be described as “complicated”.


Is it really time consuming to write “FREEPOST MONZO” on a letter and post it via a post box?