Cheques cheques and more cheques

Last chat on this seems to be last September 20. I have 4 cheques sent to you totalling over £12K. London post isn’t functioning properly because of weather and my cheques aren’t with you for over a week. I then have to wait 5-10 working days to clear. That’s a three week wait - if you get them tomorrow. When are we getting cheque imaging??

Cheque imaging wouldn’t help you with cheques totalling £12k. It’s usually limited to £500 or £1k per cheque.

Also can we please use the existing thread instead of creating a new one every time?


Aahhh! Didn’t know that. Do you know the reason for that. I will stick to previous thread in future.

Hi Mike, thanks for posting. Just to clarify I hope no one has sent us cheques - this is the Monzo Community forum, we’re mostly just customers here! Did you think you were contacting Monzo support?


No, definitely sent to Freepost Monzo. Just wondered what the state of play was. Thanks anyway.

Topic to read up on why Monzo aren’t doing it:

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Yeah cheque imaging is usually £500 max per cheque.

Unless the cheque is very low value I’d always recommend sending it tracked. If it’s below 500 I would use my Starling.

How are you getting these cheques‽ :sweat_smile: and can I have some in my name…

Halifax (and presumably Lloyds and Bank of Scotland) have a helpful £1000 limit. And you can deposit cheques straight into savings accounts too.


Just noticed this is a duplicate topic. I’ll close it for now - please use the links to the other topics! :pray: