Cheapest way for a person to accept payments


I have a situation where I need to collect many small personal debts, from a collection of people who all have eur mastercards.

Up to now its been OK with some of them having transferwise, some paying me cash, etc… But its about to grow exponentially… Clearly I need a cheap way of asking for EUR payment (via debit card) ideally keeping it EUR.

I presume I could set up a Paypal system… But have bitter experiences with paypal.

Can N26 business accept card (and then can it in EUR) ??

Any of the current fintechs enable this simply and cheaply ?? Happy to pay a few %.


open a monese ACC you can have a separate euro account along side of their UK ACC


Try if getting paid via a website not sure if it does a link type payment though

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Stripes not a bad shout. You could set up a quick one page payment site for this purpose.


One of these? Coming March if you aren’t on the wait list. You’ll be able to receive euros and no fees to pay.

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Probably best to have a single stripe page paying into a starling or revolut euro account.


What about TransferWise?

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Doesn’t Starling have a equivalent? If this could pay into their new :euro: account, that would be one option.

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I was also looking for a way to accept payments,

I found this
Okay prices especially if the invoicing and other features are of use to you,

But about the stripe , it needs to be on a site, what’s the cheapest way to deploy it to a page for my customers?
Also I suppose stripe won’t let me go on the page and type out customers numbers as they tell it to me over the phone? Although this smarttrade place will let me.


Firstly… Thanks for the replies… Apologies to post and ghost… weekend caught me out with some things.

I will look into these and ask a few Qs.


Monese allows you to bill someones mastercard debit card ??

Doesnt appear that way on the website but willing to sign up if thats the case ??


I already have starling… But I dont see how it solves the need.

The need is I will have many people who will each owe me a couple 100 eur per week, and who have no bank accounts… They are all paid to EUR mastercards and so I need to be paid by mastercards, not cards in my name but from 3rd parties.

Not sure I see how starling (or Monese) is achieving this.


doesnt allow me to initiate a transfer from card, unless the card is mine in my name.


Stripe and ‘smart trade app’ both seem to be ways I could bill a card or request payment via a card… Will have a dig.

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Starling’s equivalent either requires they have a Starling account, or can pay with a UK debit card. I’d imagine Monzo’s version is similar.

I doubt either of them can accept Mastercard credit card payments, since that would cost money, and those “pay me” features are free.

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Debit or credit? It’s conceivable that Starling settle-up on a Euro account does, or will in the future, support euro debit card payments.


these are all debit cards… and this might be the ideal way to make it work…

(Jolin) #19 will work with non-UK debit cards from various countries, including several in Europe. Don’t know about Starling. (Press the :arrow_down_small: to see the full list.)


Thanks… Both Monzo me and Startlings option may work for me.

I mistakenly believed the payment routes in were only bank tx or C2C type options.

Will have a play in the coming weeks and see what works.


I would also recommend N26 :+1:

The Euro Starling Account is supposed to have the same settle up. So you’ll be able to send the following link to ask for 100 euros and you’ll have exactly €100 added to your account once they pay without anyone being charged fees.€100+thanks

^ That link should open in Starling too if they have it making it even quicker. The # was just to stop it rendering the embed version.

If they don’t they get something like this to pay with their card (or Google Pay):


You should be able to able to swap between your existing UK and new Euro account in app using the top left icon, and also move Euros back to Pound if you need to convert currency (and at the real exchange rate).