Monzo Business / Stripe and payment links

Hi everyone, I have some questions about business accounts and payment links. I’ve not opened one yet (well it’s for my wife, not me), and don’t want to open one if it doesn’t suit her purpose.

  • if I have a Monzo Business account without Stripe, do payment links accept foreign (both EU and non-EU) cards?
  • are there any limits to how much you can get paid to a business account via payment links?
  • same questions but with a linked Stripe account?
  • are there any countries other than the obviously sanctioned ones from which payments cannot be received (for example, today we found out Starling doesn’t accept payments from the UAE)?

Hi and welcome to the Monzo Community. :wave:

Unfortunately you can’t open an account for your wife your wife can however open an account for herself.

You check the requirements needed here.

Hello, thank you for the welcome (although I am not new, I don’t post very much).

I am well aware I cannot open an account for someone else. I can ask questions on behalf of someone else though :wink:

I had a very surreal experience asking these questions on Monzo chat support, about which I will post in another thread soon. Eventually some were answered… sort of.

  • Monzo payment links don’ accept foreign cards
  • No idea about limits
  • No idea about Stripe
  • No published list of countries from which payments are not accepted

Might be worth asking the business team here for the first two questions.

As for the rest, they look like questions you might be better putting to Stripe as the payment processor? Unless I’ve misunderstood Stripe and how they work (apologies if so).

Doesn’t look to be any limits in the app for inbound other than £1000 cash deposit.

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Doesn’t appear to answer the questions asked by OP, but at the bottom there is an email address for Stripe which may be another useful avenue to explore.


Indeed. I initially thought Monzo would know, as they seem to advertise that you can easily sign up to Stripe from the business account area in the Monzo app, so I assumed (without having gone through the process) that they have integrated it so well they’re bound to know a few things.

Turns out, Monzo chat didn’t even know much to answer the questions about their own Business account (that’s when they actually bothered to read my messages rather than copy and paste random prefab text which did not relate at all to what I was asking).