I’m paid in Euros but I’m from the UK. £’s & €’s

Hi, hopefully someone can help?

I have a standard TSB account that I get my now euro salary paid into. The exchange is pretty poor and I spend most of my time in France now and other Euro countries so it makes sense for me to have euros to spend rather than transferring my £’s into my Monzo to save on the withdrawal fee. Can monzo hold my money in euros rather than pounds if I change over my bank details?

No. Monzo (UK) is GBP only.

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No. I would like this too.

I use Fineco Bank but Starling, Monese and I’m sure several others would also suit your needs…

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Oh annoying, another account I need to open then! But brilliant thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Try revolut it is a great ewallet for GBP EUR and what not. With instant and near instant transfers, conversions, payments.

Barclays offers EUR wallet attached to your GBP account that allows spending on the card in EUR.

Get paid into the Starling euro account, send to Monese euro account, convert by transferring from Monese euro account to Monese sterling account, then transfer back to Monzo/Starling.

Interbank rate, no cap (except account limits), no fees

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