Cheap 75inch TV?

Can anyone suggest the cheapest 75inch TV? Ideally with a central stand not a legged one.

Also would any 75inch TV fit on this stand? It currently houses a 65inch…
I’m guessing the over hang would be too large?

The stand is 45inches in width…

If not. Which stand could you guys suggest?

Argos are doing a 75"LGTV for £799 but don’t think it would fit on my stand
This one looks good

A cheap 75" is going to be a poor viewing experience, IMO. May also offer a compromised gaming experience. I would stick with the 65" you’ve got already and save up for a better TV later in the year if you must have one.

This is also considering that you may not be able to get a TV that size delivered at the moment as many places aren’t delivering items which require two-man delivery or entering the house.


Good advice. Thanks I’ll wait then.

What about finding a suitable stand? Does the one I posted look any good?

Harder to say. You may need to find the instructions/specifications sheet for the stand, if you have one, as this will say what the maximum weight it can bear is (weight is going to be the most important factor).

For example, I’ve got a soundbase that my TV sits on, and I can’t put a TV heavier than 30kg on it, and the TV base can’t be wider than 550mm or deeper than 300mm.

Go for wall mounted if you can makes a massive difference. No necessarily this one, but you should be able to pickup one £30 quid. Just need a decent drill

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Also I wouldn’t get a £800 75" I assume this? Sure it’ll be 10" bigger but mediocre quality.

I do recommend LGs though, probably the C9 but it’s not cheap.


Yeah I figured if it’s cheap it won’t be as good as high end. However I currently have a Toshiba 65 which was £600 one year ago and I’m happy with the picture

I noticed they also have a Samsung at the same price range.

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Yep same as curry’s
Those legs on it won’t fit on my stand though. Best save up some money and invest in a new stand too once this is all over

And a decent wall…:woozy_face:


Ahhh another person that thinks size is everything… :speak_no_evil: :laughing:




Have you thought about looking at the well known online retailers that will have descriptions and pictures of TV’s for you to peruse.

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I’ll take the advice and wait a few months then, or whenever this is over

What sort of price should I be paying for a 75"? I wouldn’t want to spend more than £1000 considering I’ll also have to get a new stand

Don’t get a such a large sized TV then, why are you fixated on getting one that size?

You do realise the larger it is the further away you need to sit? So for a 75" TV you need to sit around 15 feet away. Have you got that much space in your home?


Why do you want a new TV, what’s wrong with the current one?

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Good point, I never considered that. I sit about 12ft away so may have to reconsider it.

I don’t want one right away I was just doing some research Into it :+1:t3:

Also I saw they were going for a good price and didn’t want to miss a bargain

Like most have said here, bigger screen size does not mean it’s better. It’s a common trap that a lot of people fall into.

You need to read up on what makes good picture quality and shop for based on that. Your eyes will thank you.


Absolutely what ordog said -

Also, if the 75inch also has the same resolution as the 65 - you need to be further away to have a less noticable pixellation.

And then there’s also sound quality to consider too!


Oh christ, speaker/amp recommendation thread incoming.