Cheap 75inch TV?

I would say 65" is perfect for 12 foot away. Id personally would want another 3 foot back if you’re are adding another 10"s.

I’d say if you didn’t already have a 65" I would recommend the OLED C9 I linked above. It trumps LED/QLED with better blacks, colour space, viewing angles and response times. If that’s a Xbox One S I spy you can make use of the VRR via FreeSync too.

It does come in a 77" version but £5k.

65" is now £2k which is probably my next upgrade.

If imagine over this year merchants will be begging people to spend money on TVs.

If I was really only aiming for size I’d go QLED which is cheaper and I’d go Samsung Q90 range atm.

75" at £2800.

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Thanks guys for all the input. I have a Sony cheap 5.1 sound system atm which I’m happy with.

So I never considered the fact that an extra 10 inches means having to sit further away but it makes sense, so I’ll leave it for now nd save my pennies

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LG’s 2020 NanoCell TV are coming soon so 2019 models might come cheaper - same with their OLEDs. I recommend LG or Sony over Samsung as their panels are a bit more accurate.

If you could go OLED I’d recommend it - i have a 2019 LG OLED (got it on sale from John Lewis) and its amazing. The reviews are better in comparison to the Samsung QLED equivalents.

So yea, go OLED if you can, if not - go LG NanoCell or Sony. Better UI experience as well

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Don’t Samsung give their displays to Sony though? I didn’t think they produce any screens themselves. Maybe just the QLED tech.

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All OLED panels are made by LG, IIRC. It’s the software and surrounding bits that makes the difference with the finished product. I favour the result from Sony TVs myself.


Yea they do, but as @HoldenCarver says, its their software thats also different :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I think they give them to Sony too.

Looks like the AG8 is now £2k for 65"

AG9 at £3k for 65"

For the now £2k 65" LG C9 vs the £2k 65" Sony AG8, I’d still take the LG

I just need some spare cash now…

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Weird that the page you linked has called ‘motion handling’ a draw when everything else I read puts the Sony ahead of the LG, albeit marginally.

I’ve no argument with the conclusion, that for many the L9 would be a fine choice, but getting this wrong does make me question their ability to provide an accurate comparison of each part.

Certainly in terms of how this thread started, LG would be the better choice as it has a lower input lag which makes it better when used for gaming.

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