Looking to buy a smart Tv, advice needed please

We’re looking to buy a new smart tv. We’ve never had one before, but I want to buy one that will last a good few years with a decent picture.

OLED look good, but are quite dull looking in a bright room apparently (which our living room is), and QLED looks amazing, but uses an older technology.

I’ve been looking at the Samsung Q9FN and LG C8. Both priced around the same and similar features, but I am definitely open to suggestions of other TVs you can recommend.

We’ve got the usual Amazon prime, Netflix and an Apple TV box, so ideally something that’ll be compatible with all that whilst having a good picture through freeview

Depends on budget really and what do you use it for? Sports/gaming/movies?

Budget £2k, not a gamer really. Sports, maybe the odd bit of boxing.

If you plan to use Apple TV and external boxes… Sony AF8. Only criticism i’ve seen is the AndroidOS, but the panel is high end

Yeah that’s the only thing that’ll put me off, Android! Very sluggish. The sound from the tv and the picture quality look very impressive though

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As I say, if you’re using external sources, you should be fine. It’s what i’m looking at for when/if I move house.

You don’t really need a smart TV. A dumb TV with a firestick is a better option.


We’ve got a now tv box currently which does the amazon and Netflix but I’m paying for hd and my tv is getting very old (must be 10 years old).

Telling the wife we need to upgrade to 4K :joy: but definitely want a better picture quality for films etc

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I’d echo @Anarchist - try and get a ‘dumb’ TV (supports Freeview and that’s it) as big/high quality as you want and supplement with an Amazon Firestick or Google Chromecast. You can then use the Fire or Chromecast to stream Netflix, local Plex installs, iPlayer etc etc and if the protocols change (as has happened with iPlayer a few times), you don’t need to replace a several hundred/to thousand pound TV, just a £40 dongle.

We’ve found the Amazon Fire to be more useful downstairs with its own remote/on screen display, and the Chromecast on the bed room device controlled with our mobiles (Fire has got a mobile app, but Chromecast needs a phone/computer to control it).


I went for an LG has Netflix and amazon prime buttons on the remote so worked for me, simple and easy.

In your budget this would be the best… IMO;

Panasonic TX-55FZ952B OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with Freeview Play/Freesat HD & Dynamic Blade Speaker Sound Bar Stand, Ultra HD Premium Certified, Black

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I’m a big fan of almost any LG webOS TV combined with an Apple TV. Set the LG TV up as you prefer and then using the Apple TV for everything (including volume control, power on/off, etc.).

Also a contender… only thing I dislike about my panasonic’s is Firefox OS, otherwise, great TV’s.

My 2 choices have been between this and the AF8.

What size are you looking at ?

Do dumb TVs with high end screens exist?


I’ve got LG webOS. I really like it.

Used to always get Samsung’s before.

I’ve got my eye on a 65" A1. OLEDs being dimmer doesn’t bother me as I’m one of those “everyone has their TVs set too bright” people. I’m really sold by the fact that OLEDs can turn the pixels off to show true black, having always been disappointed by black levels on previous TVs.

Still waiting for it to drop to a level I consider a fair price - I’m probably going to have to try and catch that sweet spot between a successor to the A1 entering the market and the A1 being removed from the market.

The LG OLEDs are supposed to be pretty good, so probably well worth looking into (if you’re not set on Sony like I am). Could get an LG OLED55B8PLA for under £1.5k, f’rex, or a OLED55C8PLA for £2k.

In this day and age saying “get a dumb tv” isn’t terribly helpful, but, as you’d be hard pressed to find a decent TV which isn’t smart in some way. So don’t let any bundled Netflix/iPlayer/etc integration put you off, and definitely ‘replace’ them with a Fire Stick/Chromecast/Apple TV if that’s going to work better for you. I myself have a Fire Stick in one TV and a 1st gen Chromecast in another (tried Apple TV, didn’t work for me).

Good shout!


Problem with buying a smart TV is the apps could end up not being updated and possibly unusable so yes get a firestick or a Now TV stick is a better option.