Looking for a decent 4K TV


Wanted some help I am looking for a decent for 4K TV and wanted to know which brand and model to go for before making my decision

I’ve been a big fan of LG’s OLED range for a while! My advice would be to go in and try to use the menu system in curry’s or something.

You could argue that Samsung / Sony / LG or whatever have better colour / contrast / pixels / price etc. But if you get one that’s a pain in the arse to actually use, you’ll quickly hate it!

LG have a great menu system, apart from switching between Freeview and the Guide, which takes a little bit too long on mine. But I don’t know how it’s improved in new models.

Also, be careful to check it has enough HDMI ports for what you need! Lots of Black Friday TV’s cut costs in this area

Good luck

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Philips Ambilight - amazing tele, especially if close to a wall/wall-mounted.
I have a 2016 55" model and it is still outstanding with UHD sources (Google Stadia native/upscaled 4K included!)

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I’ve got one of the new 2019 4K LG OLEDS with HDR and 120hz - really good for gaming!

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I’m a big fan on OLED TVs. Which one you get depends where your budget is.

For most budgets, the answer will be the LG OLED65C9PLA (or the 55 inch).

If money is no object, there’s the Sony KD-65AG9. I’m a big fan of Sony’s processing; it may be trickier to set up, but it looks better in motion. It’s far too expensive, though - to the point where you better pocketing the difference and getting the LG instead (unless you’re so rich that a grand to you is the same as £20 to normal people).

LG make all the panels for all OLED TVs anyway, so their own TV is still thorough decent even if the processing is a smidge below Sony’s level (but given the price is massively below rather than a smidge below…)

Took a look at your suggestions and nearly dropped my phone :scream: !!

Two grand and three grand? For a telly?!

I would have to be an avid tv watcher or gamer for that price, both of which I thankfully am not :grin:

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All great suggestions do like the sound of the LG 4K TV’s may have to look at Currys or AO.com

I did say three grand was too much :sweat_smile:

The 55" LG is a more reasonable £1.4 grand.

It does sound like a lot still, I suppose, but the way to think about it is to make the TV last, so you’re spreading the cost out over years and years of use (as it were).

You get what you pay for with TVs, so if you’re paying under a grand for a telly, you’re going to be compromising on something. As a cinephile, those are compromises I don’t wish to make.

People who aren’t avid viewers and just want something to watch the news and soaps on are probably going to be happier with making those compromises - and hey, if it works for you, that’s all good :slight_smile:

tl;dr, made the recommendations I did because OP asked about a decent TV, not a cheap TV :sweat_smile:

It’s a shame you didn’t post 2-3 weeks ago. There were some decent deals on TVs on Black Friday and the couple of weeks leading up to it.

I bought the 55” AG8, which was £1,299 - reduced by £500 from the usual price. It’s pretty much the same as the AG9, but without the same audio capabilities (which I don’t need because I already have an AV amp with surround system). I’m very much enjoying it so far.

If you need something smaller than 55”, there are far fewer OLED choices.

Yeah I wish I did. But have norrowed it down to a LG TV which I am going to see at Currys

The OLED65B9 series is a bit cheaper and still really decent (though I’m more in the gaming side of it so I acutally want all processing disabled - let my PC do that).

I have that exact one :grin:

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Why not wait for the January sales at this stage?

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LG, Samsung and Sony are all good these days.

I got a 65" Toshiba for £600 beginning of the year. The prices on the good ones are now coming down a lot

All good options spoilt for choice now :blush:

What did you go for in the end? :tv:

Sorry for the later reply but I eventually went with this