Size Of Your TV?

  • 32" - 37"
  • 42" - 49"
  • 50" - 55"
  • 55" - 60"
  • 60" - 65"
  • 66" or higher.

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Got a 50" 4K TV a few months back on Black Friday, before that I’d been using a 37" TV for about a decade! Finally made that upgrade and so worth it.


Still using my 46" plasma from 2008. Wanna get a 65" but the damn thing just keeps going.

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Never been let down with currys deliveries and pricing, just in-case your looking !

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We’ve got a 55" Curved Samsung. We won it in a competition. I’ve only ever had negative experiences with Samsung and the TV does nothing to rectify this.


My TV’s too small for the poll :eyes: :sob:


Could do with editing the poll options…

  • There is no 38-41" category.
  • 55" and 60" are each in two categories.
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Ah sorry dude.
I just tried to edit it and it says " You cannot change a poll after the first 5 minutes. "

Maybe a mod could help :slight_smile:

I have to say I have no clue. When I moved into my sisters old bedroom it was here. It’s an LG though. Probably one of the smaller ones you can get

Should have added an option for 6 inches as well :eyes:

I’m talking about phones you dirt bags


Couldn’t select Apple TV :tv: :apple:… it’s coming I tell you 2035

65" 4K LG from Costco… got a ridiculously good bargain last year!

Pretty sure my TV is over 10 years old. My speakers and amp are older than me. If it works…

I don’t have a TV :astonished:


Why ya asking?

I bought a new one recently, and just wanted to know the “average” size people have now-a-days


Yeah but why? :wink:

No idea what size mine is other than ‘big enough’! :smiley:

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55-inch curved Samsung (2015 Series 9) with an Apple TV 4K attached. Also got the matching sound bar

Thanks to everyone who voted :grin::+1: