OLED TV time - Sony AF9

(Jon Moss) #1

Good morning all :slight_smile:

I hope you had a great weekend.

I’m going to be upgrading my trusty Pioneer plasma TV in a few months - 15 years old and slightly long in the tooth… it’s time for OLED.

I’m pretty much set on the Sony AF9. I would be very interested to hear from any owners.

  • Are you pleased with it?
  • Anything that causes issues?

If anyone has considered the AF9 and went for something else, I’d love to hear why.

Many thanks,

Jon :slight_smile:

(John Williams) #2

AF9 was too tilted back for our liking - ok if your tv stand is low but otherwise looks wrong. Sony AF 8 otherwise the same and conventional- great picture with sky hd and Netflix UHD but if you watch standard definition stay away from 4K TVs.
I’m fussy about tv picture and Sony AF8 did it for me - sound great too from the screen though with surround set up it’s wasted

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(Jon Moss) #3

Thanks John. We like the laid back design and a good point about the sound. We will have it as part of a proper AV setup but like the idea of using it conventionally when we don’t want the M&K sub rumbling :smiley: