Help buying a 4k 55" TV - NanoCell?

Well not me my parents.

They want to get a 4K TV ideally 55" and have sent me two LG links they have spotted. Budget ~£500-600. They like buying LG, but open to ideas.

As far as I can see they are almost identical spec, both LCD but one uses a newer NanoCell tech.

I’m assuming the NanoCell is better?

UN81 vs NANO81

I’ve no idea on the above, but I bought this last week and very pleased with it so far…

Off topic:

Good choice, I was looking at this for the front room

and getting the 43" version for the other rooms

On topic:

I was looking at this also

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Yeah looks like an ace option, I think they were wanting 55" the 55NANO86 being another £100 for the extra 6"

I’ve just been messaged that they are now looking at this instead so much for that £500-600.

Samsung QE55Q80T

Take a look at this…

The IPS panels used in the LG Nanocell don’t really compare to the Samsung QLED

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Really good video, cheers. I’ll send them the link.

I have a feeling they’ll go with that 55" Q80T for £899, seems a decent price for what you get.

I have a Q90T and very pleased with it.

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Did you go 55 / 65 / 75 ?

Looks like better HDR 2000 than the 80/85.

I have a 55 inch. It does get impressively bright. I think the Q90T might have more local dimming zones too. I’m not 100% sure on that though.