Nobody replying on Monzo chat - no urgent chat button available

I’m in Mexico at the moment and all my cards were stolen on a night bus and the thief has spent £2000 on my Monzo. All my other cards flagged the activity as fraudulent but the payments went through on Monzo. I froze my card as soon as I saw the payments and contacted the Monzo chat on the app to have them cancelled ASAP but no one had replied for hours.
Someone said I should be able to mark the chat as urgent but I can’t see any option to do that.
I’d really like to get this looked at immediately as the longer it takes, I feel like there’s less change of stopping the payment going through :frowning:

How did they spend so much without knowing the PIN number?


You can also phone Monzo via +44 20 3872 0620

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I have no idea! It looks like they were on online shops but I’m not sure how they got round the usual thing of having to approve on the app - that’d be a question for Monzo and not me I think!

They also stole my driving license so they had my address too :disappointed: to freeze your card immediately

And then phone +442038720620

Thank you!!

Thanks - I already froze it as soon as I saw the payments!

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Lol - they just kept me on hold for ages and then said they couldn’t take my call but if it’s urgent to contact them through the app…

Send an email to if you haven’t already, that’s another avenue of contact that might help.

Hi @Aggiekon,

I’m so sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

I have escalated this and someone will be reaching out to you as a matter of urgency :pray:


Thank you!

No chances! My friend had a problem and tried to reach Monzo by phone… no chances at all - “We are busy at the moment try chat or email” Very unprofessional…no option for call back, no option to wait for available agent… they just hang up after automatic message and that’s it.

It has changed recently, so you now get put on hold :slight_smile:

Unfortunately… just tried to call them on 08008021281. “Sorry we can’t answer…”

So you rang them just to prove a point?



Yes :flushed: Not a problem for me at all… I can wait for a reply in chat. But not good if someone have an :rotating_light:


Quite worrying how they were able to spend so much.
Were they multiple small transactions or large amount?

Once you have opened a non-urgent chat there seem to be no way to mark it as urgent ? And no way to start another chat ? On iPhone

Is this correct ?

I’ve been asked by a Monzo staffer in an existing (non-urgent) chat to mark it as urgent, but that doesn’t seem possible …

I believe this is true. Your current non-urgent chat needs to be closed (by customer services) in order for you to open a new chat where you’ll be allowed to choose its importance again.

(Android user here)

Thx Ordog … I thought I must be going blind and missing something

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