Chat option in app

I see in the latest app update the in app chat button has returned!

I’m pleased to see it. :+1:

I had it for ages. I think it’s on a per account basis. Monzo’s mysterious algorithms deem you worthy


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Maybe they think I need help lol ! :scream:

None of us ever need help. We all always feel fine. Isn’t that what being British is?


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Yes you’re correct ! Unfortunately some people on here seemed to have needed quite a lot of help of late.

Still,that’s the way the coffee percolates I suppose ! :smirk:

Some people also like to have friendly chats with them about upcoming features, what they’re wearing, see what they had for dinner and so on…

Welcome to the club where Monzo doesn’t hate you enough to remove the button :laughing:

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Noted !!!

Shutting up now lol :wave:

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Wait, is that actually a thing? Probably yes. Maybe they’re lonely?



Mine has updated and the chat still isn’t there :joy:
Still A-B testing I think!

It’s not been in testing for months now. If you’re not seeing it, you are deemed unworthy by the powers that be

@monzobot fortune

will @robsug ever be deemed worthy of the chat?

:crystal_ball: Ask again later

Just wait until you hear the things people call 999 for…

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Let me guess. “I get paid on Monday. Can I get it early today?”

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Ah that was Moyes-era United. Understandable really.

Oh come on! :joy:

Maybe it’s because I have rarely, if ever, contacted support anyway.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @monzobot display help.

Have to say I’ve been full Monzo for two years and the number of times I’ve contacted support for anything I deemed to be major wouldn’t use all the fingers of one hand !

@monzobot fortune

Will I win the lottery next Tuesday?

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:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now