Chat not working and no updates on my account

The chat is not working as it says all my messages are not sent also I’m not seeing any updates to my account.

I’m on holiday in France and really need some help please. I’ve transferred money into my account and have been using my card but still not seeing anything.

It sounds more like a ‘no data connection’ type issue to me than anything else but, clearly, I have very little to base that on.

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May be a stupid question but, do you have data when roaming enabled? Or a (secure) WiFi connection? Are other apps, e.g. Facebook and email updating as expected?

Android has a “disable data connection when roaming” option, I assume iOS will have something similar.

Although, perhaps answering my own question, you’re posting here…!

Try deleting and reinstalling the app (if you’re able to get a WiFi connection)

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Nothing wrong with my internet connection as posting this message from my phone now. Can someone from Monzo call my mobile please to help?

You’ll need to phone the number on the back of your card

Did deleting and reinstalling the app not work?

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Thank you! As reinstalling the app worked. I should have known as I recently upgraded my phone from iPhone 8 to and XS.


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