Chat bug

I used the in-app chat the other day to ask a question. I sent it when I was at work and something came up and I had to phone someone. I never got a reply, and it just dawned on my that it might be a very primitive chat feature where I’d not see the response because I closed the app. Is this how it works? Do I have to hold the phone still and keep it on the chat page otherwise I won’t get a response? Ideally i’d get a notification, even if my phone was turned off when the reply was sent.
Another alternative is that the app does handle those scenarios but I just wasn’t sent a reply. I have no idea which.
Is this a bug?

You don’t have to keep the chat open to receive a reply, it happens in the background like iMessage, Whatsapp etc.

If you go to the app, then click Help, then Chat History at the bottom, can you see your message as sent?

If so, it may just be that they haven’t got back to you yet, response times are typically a few hours at the moment.

When did you send the message?


Just checked and there’s nothing in my chat history. This was last week sometime; pretty sure I didn’t imagine it!

I’ll try again when I can remember exactly what I was asking! I asked a question via email and that works, but that was specifically about the app, not the banking service.


Are you on the latest version of the app?

Yes, fully normal stock phone with updates applied.

It might not have sent the chat.

I’ve had it a couple of times where the chat itself has failed to send and sits for a while asking for you to tap and resend (it almost always continues failing from this point onwards). After while chat seems to clear itself down and starts working again.

Well, I guess maybe that’s it, and with Android’s amazing memory management the app presumably got garbage collected away before I had a chance to wonder where the reply was and poke around in the apps many options to notice the resend option.

Perhaps the best solution is for Monzo to fix the bug (assuming it’s a bug - I had no connectivity issues at the time), and/or perhaps persist unsent messages in a local database so Android doesn’t lose them prior to their being sent?