Chat and call times are changing

I’ve also had some great dealings with HSBC. As someone who works night shifts, I have to sleep during the day, and after 12 hours coming home at 7:00am my bank is not my main thought, rather getting into bed ready for the next 12 hour shift that evening. I live chatted with HSBC during the early morning and waited less than 5 mins.

I’m not overly bothered by this, however I would seriously stop calling it live chat as for the most part it isn’t.

I also don’t think the answer to reducing silly questions is to make it harder for everyone to access chat because ultimately that also makes it more difficult for the non-silly questions. The answer is to make it easier to find the answers and/or realise you’re getting a ton of silly questions about one thing and rectify that issue individually.

In my line of work, this is really common. Some calls are utterly life or death emergencies, some are not and some aren’t even vaguely relevant calls. Two numbers are introduced to try and streamline, with urgent calls taking precedent.

This is kind of where Monzo were, asking if it’s urgent.

I also just have to accept though, that with so many people to service, inevitably some will still call and waste time. It’s a part of being a large organisation. It’s always going to be the case.

We don’t restrict those from calling, nor do we hide or make it less easy to call. Just take some on the chin, and try to generally educate people on when and what they can call for.

Monzo, I believe personally, should be going down this road. Other banks are absolutely catching up or running a mile ahead of them right now in terms of managing customer calls/issues/complaints and that personally makes me sad as someone who has shoved Monzo down everyone’s throat since the Mondo days!


I absolutely agree. HSBC gets a lot of stick for customer service, but they’ve always been good to me and my family, genuinely helping out when needed - I think there’s something to be said for being able to sit down with a bank manager and arrange a personalised banking package to help you out. That’s something that the challenger banks simply can’t do - the way they operate is of course, by their very nature, far more black and white and automated. Even little things like offering me a drink when I visit a branch fosters loyalty - while what Monzo is doing is fairly successfully achieving the polar opposite. This is what makes me wonder how mass market Monzo can and will become.

However, one gripe with HSBC and NatWest’s live chat is the Anglo-Indian language barrier - it has been a bit of an issue in the past, but the COps have always been very friendly even if we can’t always understand each other :joy:

And I completely agree with you about how Monzo should be approaching this. If there is such a large volume of pointless chat messages (e.g. something that can be easily solved/found out by looking in the FAQs) then surely customer services can dismiss these very quickly by simply linking to the article and closing the chat. Both NatWest and HSBC use a chatbot which provides links to related help articles, but crucially you can always get through to a person if you want to (you just type ‘Speak to an agent’ and it bypasses it). Monzo should be, I think, using their tech capabilities to create a smarter help article suggestion feature, while retaining a way to contact a person if you want. That way, they would be reducing their customer support workload by helping customers faster, rather than hiding from them.


Is there a reason for the call queue system cutting people off after the wait time?

Many users seem to have found that somewhat annoying from their posts on the forum.

It must be very frustrating to keep going to the back of the queue if you’re calling for something urgent.

I’ve never tried to call the number but have seen people claim this on the forum. I’m pretty shocked if it is true to be honest

I didn’t believe it myself either but I did try it and it cuts you off after 5 minutes

It’s scale. Legacy banks would not set this up now, but because they’ve always had such support they feel like they can’t take it away, but it will be costing them millions to answer stupid questions. Maybe they can afford it, but Monzo can’t as it currently is.


This just popped up in my feed.

I haven’t contacted via Chat for a while and I looked at a help topic a few days ago. :thinking:

I think this has been a thing for a while now. Here is a topic from January about it…

Maybe it’s a very delayed follow-up…

My rating wouldn’t be great, currently on day 3 and person 4, of what I thought was a fairly simple query.

Each person has just said they don’t know and will pass me on. I wouldn’t mind but each person has only sent one message each around 24 hours apart and one said please don’t reply as I won’t read your reply

I really like Monzo and thankfully have never had to reach out to them urgently but things like this do make me nervous


I’ve contacted Natwest on a Friday and been told that I wouldn’t get a reply for 3 days (Monday). I’d imagine because the person in the area that I was needing help didn’t work weekends.

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