Charges for Cards

I have zero free hot coral cards left to order. If I was to upgrade to plus (thinking of doing that anyway) will I still have to pay £5 for a new card as well as the £5 a month for the plus service?

You get a free holographic card when you sign up to plus

It’s a 3 month minimum term


Thank you. So a free holo card even though I have no free cards left on my allowances. I don’t want to have to pay £10 for the first month

What do you keep doing with your cards?

If you sign up up Plus you’ll get a new blue card but you have to pay for at least 3 months, so it will cost you £15 overall.

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The holo card is one of the features of the plus account, so it’s included at sign up

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I’m guessing you’ve lost your last free one and since it’s £5 you want to upgrade to plus since that’s only £5 aswell?