Cancel Plus, order new card

Hi, I’ve tried Plus for a few months and decided to give it a miss.

When I go thru the cancellation process I’m told I need to order a new card (obviously because I can’t have the blue card anymore).

However, I never ordered a blue card. I stuck with my hot coral(?) so as to keep the same card details.

Anyway - question! Does anyone know if they’ll still make me order a new card when I complete the cancellation process?

It’s not a massive problem, my original card expires in a few short months anyway, but I’m curious and one of you guys MUST have experienced this.


Quickest way will be to just message support.

If their weird system has or will send you a new card they can probably cancel it before it actually goes any further.

Then worst case, if it does arrive - just don’t activate it I guess :man_shrugging:

I cancelled Plus last month and didn’t order, or receive a new card.

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Thanks, that’s what I’m looking for.

And so much speedier than messaging Support.

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Ok. Cancelled. And no mention of having to reorder a card (yet). Perfect.

Thanks for your help.

Which is a tale in itself.

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Nope, you can continue with your current card. You can just choose not to order it. If you really want, contact them in chat and they’ll likely cancel the holo card for you.

BTW and obvious as this sounds, if you do get the holo card and decide to activate it for whatever reason, it will wipe out the coral card in it’s place.