Chargeback length

Hello, I know they have to go through MasterCard or wha not but is it just me who thinks it’s ridiculous for them to say 3 months for a chargeback and now the deadline is here they say it could take longer? So they basically have no timeline? Bit useless to the customers

Charge backs can take a long time but they should give a time line and be able to update on what’s going one.

How is the charge back with I ha one with PayPal ones that’s loom 3 mouths to sort and even after 3 mouths the offer end try to do it agin.

Yeah they even say they’ll give updates I don’t receive any information unless I chase them up for it and even when I do it’s minimal and always finishes with it can take up to 3 months but in some cases longer. Longer is not a helpful timeline at all. And mine is with a retailer

It depends if they dispute it. There’s a long process where they have x amount of days to reply and then Monzo have to reply and then they have x days to reply again.

How long has it been now and is it a large amount of money as I know mine was with PayPal and it was for a large amount and it took over 3 mouth even if I changed them I never really got an update and they would just say the same thing over and ove

I’m still waiting to hear back from a dispute raised on 8th August.

Yeah since August? That’s a bit mad :man_facepalming:t4: It’s kind of peak how they can do things like this, really need my money as well.

I have faith that it’s outside of Monzo’s control, although they are working on making it more transparent for you to view the progress. I am fortunate in that it is a relatively small amount and I’m not waiting on the money - more of a bonus if and when it does turn up.

Yes if the offer end dispute it then it can take for ever.

I’m not so sure that it is out of Monzo’s control. Various friends of mine had to make chargebacks recently through legacy banks and the funds were restored within days in most cases with the proviso that they could be withdrawn again if the retailer was successful in challenging them.

Possibly the legacy banks are being more generous than required by the chargeback system but people seem to be regularly waiting for considerable periods with Monzo for things to be sorted.

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I’ve never done a chargeback with Monzo but with a legacy bank and they usually give the money straight away pending investigation and say they can take the money back if it’s not in your favour

Yes I done one with a normal bank and they gave me the money right away and invested it but if they fill it’s wrong then they take it back I also had one with PayPal and that was a nightmare as they just took my money and it took a very long time.

Same boat here. Restaurant charged my twice while abroad. Monzo said 3 months wait for charge backs and they’ve been given proof that it’s not my fault.

I’m out of pocket over £150

It takes a long time but you would think if you give them proof it’s nit your fault they would sort it quick but that’s nit all ways the case.