My experience with chat today

Chat gets a bad rap, so I thought I would share my experience here today.

For the back story regarding the chargeback see here: Successful chargeback dispute 🙌🏼🙌🏼

So I’m summary, very quick. Did technically answer my query but a bit vague in detail.

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sounds like ‘pass the buck’ to me!

The problem is, it is too vague to even know that for sure. I understand that these processes take time and pass between Monzo and the merchant multiple times, but it could be made clearer.

More importantly, you’ve been waiting 3 months to hear about a chargeback?!

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3 months to hear that it’ll take longer.

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Not Monzo’s fault though - just a long process. I’m fortunate enough to be able to live without the money (approx £80).

The way chargebacks work is that the issuer raises them and the merchant then has 90 days to dispute them. There isn’t really a message saying a merchant conceded - you just wait out the 90 days and see if you get a dispute.

(If there is a dispute, then it can go back for a second round - again, each party gets 90 days at each step)


Wouldn’t Monzo provide occasional updates, even if only to say they haven’t heard anything yet? Better than total silence, surely?

That’s the aim! I’m currently working on a project to rebuild a portion of our chargeback system (mainly to support new Mastercard changes) with an eventual view to automate most of the stages, including making it easier to provide these kinds of updates.


That’s great news :blush:

I’m not particularly bothered about the wait, I was just surprised to have one resolved and not the other.

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