Anyone had any experience with 'Chargeback' Requests

Hi all!

I put in a chargeback request with through chat just over a week ago after being totally ripped-off by a cleaning company :roll_eyes:

I appreciate that is too soon for Monzo/Mastercard to have got back to me yet, but it’s got me wondering…

Has anyone on here had any good / bad experiences with chargeback through Monzo?
What are the success rates like?
How long does it take for the process to complete?


My chargeback was a good experience. Pretty instant for me actually, a few hours.
Not sure why it was so fast but hey, can’t complain :+1:

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I had a terrible experience trying to even explain the concept to Tandem. I ended up taking my questions to @simonb, who gave me all the info I needed to be able to train the staff at Tandem and get my refunds! They then reappeared on TWO later statements, but luckily I noticed.


Had a phone delivered to me but en route it had been swapped out for a speaker.

Raised a claim but told it could take up to 3 months to hear.

Fingers Crossed I get my money back though as it was £250+

3 months! :open_mouth: When did you raise it?

28th September so a way to go yet…

As ever MSE has some great, general advice around Chargeback.

I wrote about my experience here: Successful chargeback dispute 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Although I made two transactions, and still waiting for the other one :woman_shrugging:t2:

Got ripped off online for £3 for an item that was never delivered and had to raise a chargeback. It’s going to take up to 3 months. Hardly worth it for the man hours :’(

You can still go to the Financial Ombudsman after 8 weeks if it has not been dealt with by Monzo by then.