Monzo Customer Service?

Anyone having issues at the moment with customer service?

I have a problem with a transaction which I could do with resolving soon, yet I’m being told via chat that I have to wait a minimum of 7 days to speak to someone to get it moving.

It’s already been 8 working days since the transaction was made.

I’m finding that Monzo are becoming very slow with anything asked of them and I often can’t get on chat at all. Nationwide are picking the phone up instantly!

Is it because it’s pending?

It is, but in a strange way. It’s been over the amount of time for a pending transaction to be returned, yet it hasn’t auto-returned.

What is the transaction - is it something you can prove to Monzo that will not be collected? Or are they just not willing to entertain the idea at all?

So amusingly it’s actually something I want them to pay! But they aren’t giving me any option other than to dispute it which I don’t want to do. Nobody seems to understand what is going on or what I’m talking about :joy:

When I’ve requested a chargeback in the past, I’ve been told they can’t put in a request until 15 days after the transaction was made. Perhaps that is why they’re asking you to wait 7 days?

I have a similar issue ongoing with Amazon. They randomly refunded me for a purchase 8 weeks later. Amazon say they have not refunded it, and that it has settled on their end they received the money. I can’t do anything with Monzo, because when I report an issue with the refund, it just tells me they’re funds returned from an unclaimed pending transaction, with no option to escalate. The initial transaction from 8 weeks ago is still showing as pending too, so I can’t escalate that yet either.

I’m not sure what’s going on, honestly, because this issue isn’t exclusive to Monzo, and has been happening with my credit card purchases too, since around March. I even still have some transaction from March pending with my credit card issuer.

Interesting, that’s not what they’ve said to me so far but I’m not getting much out of the customer service guys. It’s all very generic and copy and paste - which is what is annoying me.

Ah well, yet another reason I’m not sure Monzo really stand out against the High Street banks anymore.

Without knowing the merchant, it could be their fault. They could’ve put a 30-day hold on the funds, say, which is why the hold hasn’t been released. And it could be they’re being tardy in finalising the transaction and claiming the funds, which is why it’s still pending.

This seems to be what’s going on for me. Amazon, however, say they can’t help me any further without a transaction ID number, which bizarrely, Monzo don’t appear to provide directly in the app from the transaction details like other banks do. So I just have to wait for this to resolve itself, and manually keep track so I don’t accidentally transfer the money elsewhere.

It is sad that generally companies cut costs from customer care Departments and they turn into the help centres expecting people to find answers by getting support from Q&A or from communities and responses from other people.

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