Betting site withdrawal

Any one got any experience with withdrawal from William hill? Usually with Lloyd’s any withdrawal made hit my account at 3pm next day…
What time does it go into monzo ?

How is it paid? Onto your card or into your account?

Back on to the card I think…as deposit is made using card

It can take up to a week to be returned in that instance. Unfortunately it’s down to how quickly they process it on their end.

The banks can’t control this, monzo will credit you as soon as it hits their systems.

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I did bet once during the 2018 World Cup. The withdrawal was quick of I remember correctly - within 12 hours.

This thread has prompted a query that @richardcadman might know the answer to, but I’m putting it out there in case @cookywook, the Coral Crew, or any Monzonaut users know.

If you deposit £1000 to a betting site and withdraw £2000 after some time,
in terms of overdraft/borrowing eligibility,
would it be seen it as net +£1000
or would it only consider the spending of -£1000 and that the transactions are to/from a gambling merchant?

I don’t think Monzo’s overdraft eligibility algorithms are that intelligent at all. They ran a credit check on you ages ago and they’ll go with that, not based on whether you had £2000 go in or £1000 out or whether you gambled with it or bought some Fine China from Fortnum & Mason

I don’t know their models so maybe they’ll be able to help more. Just going by what I’ve read, being a historic gambler (historic as in ‘in the past’ rather than ‘the best in history’ :grinning:), and general understanding of credit decisions.

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Nor me. The ‘check’ in the app takes a millisecond or less. As you say; they made their mind up some time ago, and they’re not changing it.

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Anyone else having problems with withdrawals here? Reached out to live chat but no response yet

Yes there’s an issue

Edit: it’s a payment processor issue


Yeah I’ve been waiting on a payout from the National Lottery since the start of the week (not the jackpot unfortunately).

Normally goes in next day

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This is why I use bet365 MasterCard… instant withdrawl

Can confirm that it’s a payment processor issue (as in, the company between the affected betting sites and Mastercard), we’ve been working on getting to the bottom of it all day and should have an update on the status page shortly. :slightly_smiling_face:


As if by magic

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Also it’s in the in app help section

Still waiting and didn’t receive payment.

When did you withdraw?

Might be wrong but Monzo seems to process them as a refund, so it takes between 3-5 days to appear.

I withdraw on Thursday 11th money usually arrives next Monday but its still not in my account.

I withdraw one later that one arrived no problems

You’ll need to contact the betting firm I think. Fault was on their end

Importantly: Which website? We’re still chasing up a few of the smaller payment processors on this issue.

Keep an eye out overnight as we expect that more of the missing payments will appear now that the bank holiday is over. :eyes:

There is a very interesting story to tell on what happened when this is all resolved.