Change to my married name...HOW?

I am trying to change my name to my married name. Please tell me how.
I would like a new card in my married name and my joint account card too.
Impossible to find out how to go about this.
So far my only criticism of Monzo!

Contact support.

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You will need to contact them and send them a copy (electronically) of your wedding certificate. Then they will change it for you.

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if you type in “how do I change my name” in the “help” section in the app it tells you :slight_smile:



Thanks, but how do I contact them? Apologies but I can’t find out. Thanks

go to the “help” icon on the bottom right of the screen in the app transactions list page - press that, then scroll down the screen to the bottom and press

"chat with us "

type your question and they will get back to you

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Thank you!