Change Of Sim-Card?

IF i was to change my sim-card, would I need to re-register with monzo ?

You can keep the same number with a new SIM or if you change your number you can change it in app.

I have two Sims with BT and i’ve been told by them i cannot transfer the number over.

You should be able to transfer your number to a BT sim from another BT sim. Unless you trying to subvert the system and trying to get new user deals etc. Then I’m not sure.

Ive asked them mate and no luck - think ill just leave it

Their customer service is notoriously unhelpful. If your transferring in you just need a pac code.

If you’re only wanting one sim and you’re within the change your mind period you can just refund the new sim and upgrade the existing one to the package you wanted. Assuming that was your goal.


To answer your question. If this means that you will have a new mobile number you will need to give it to Monzo :slight_smile:

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Thanks dude
Not worth the hassle of gettinga new number ill just leave it for now

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I guess the question is why do you want another sim? Sounds like you’re already using one that’s working?

They can give you a new SIM with the same number though, but would want a good reason

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Fairly complex but i’ll explain.

2 years ago i signed up for BT TV, Broadband, Landline and Mobile ( 24month )
1 year after, I got an iPhone from them which came with another Sim card ( 24 month contract )

I obviously kept and used my first one because I’d used the number a while, memorised it, had all my contacts, whatsapp and paypal all set up.

Just phoned BT and was told you cannot port " BT to BT "
No biggie i’ll stick to my current setup :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the old sim is out of contact now and the new one isnt? Maybe more hassle than its worth but if you cant get rid of the new sim and want to keep the old number, you could port the number to another company on a payg sim, then port it back to bt to the current sim you want to keep. should be able to port numbers at any time i think.

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Old Sim is next month
New(er) sim is end of this year.

Not to worry, im on a discount anyway so will just keep it the same :smiley:

Port from bt to a pay as you go SIM card on another network, then port from that to bt

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Yeah a £10 PAYG SIM is what I used to do this in the past to keep my number when ‘moving’ from EE Contract to EE SIM Only.

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