Mobile phone number and app relationship


I am a new account holder and am travelling in a month, during which time I will be swapping out my SIM card for a local one to use in country. Is the Monzo app tied to the SIM in anyway, or is a token stored that authorises the app on the phone indefinitely, independent of the SIM card?

Is there anything I should be aware of that may cause me issues trying to use the app overseas after I have swapped out my UK SIM card?



You shouldn’t have an issue here for using the app as, like you said, the token os on the device itself. The only issue I can foresee is if you try to buy something on a Secure 3DS site that doesn’t have the push notification option and you’ll need to verify your purchase with a code sent by SMS.

Thanks for the reply. When you say Secure 3DS, you mean online purchases? I doubt I will be using the card like this whilst I am away, it will mainly be chip and pin transactions in shops and restaurants. I may have to activate the mag strip too, but that will be the limit of the functions that I will be using.

Oh then you will be fine. Yes 3DS will be online transactions. For info if the magstripe might be needed it might be worth searching the forums here as there is a helpful Wiki for most areas now. I cant see you having any issues to be honest.

There was a recent app update that allows you to amend your phone number in the settings section of the app - I would just update as soon as you know your new number just in case :slight_smile:

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But only if you really want a temporary number associated with your account. Is there any possible unlooked for side effect to this?

Thanks again for the suggestions and advice, which raises more questions.

  1. If I do opt to change number, this will be to a non-UK mobile number. As Monzo is strictly limited to UK residents, will the app accept a number change with a number from outside the UK (and Europe for that matter)?
  2. If 1 is affirmative, is the change process quick, as I will only be away for a week,
  3. If 1 and and 2, does the app tolerate frequent number changes without getting upset?

I hope these are sensible questions!