Using Current account for VM mobile sign up

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Applied for a mobile with Virgin. I am already a broadband customer with my DD going to my Natwest acct for the last 4 years. Wanted to start using my monzo CA for this. The application accepted the details and recognised Monzo.

However my application was parked for further info required. A side note was that apparently i had passed the credit check but was graded C3 in the eyes of VM and the new iphone X was a C4. not sure how they do this??

However when i asked for an appeal to the decision, the following day they noticed that my DD was to a different bank and mentioned that this may work againgst my credit with them. To me does that not sound descriminatory to me having a new current account? Is this something we should all be worried about when we start using a) a new Bank, and b) when they ask how long we have held the account for??



I’m pretty sure that’s nothing to do with Monzo being anew bank, it’s as you mentioned because your paying with 2 different accounts, it’s probably been flagged as potential money laundering or using 2 different accounts flags you as high risk since you’re going for a £1000 phone!

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The real question is why do you even do business with such a company? Just sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Program and get yourself a no-contract no-bullshit SIM only plan from the other carriers that happily accept Monzo!

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Believe it or not it works out cheaper even though the VM handset cost £1320 compared to Apple but my current provider offers a 10gb SIMO For 19/month and virgin bundle their 8gb sim for £6/ month so thought I’d give them a go!?! Obviously much mistaken

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