Change Of Phone Number


This is more than likely a really silly question and technically I already know the answer but as Monzo is 100% online and connected to my phone I wanted to be sure getting locked out is all I need right now.

Would changing my phone number affect in any way my ability to access Monzo on my phone? Would the app detect the change and lock me out? As I said I 99% already know the answer I just wanted to clarify.

P.S. Where did the chat go in app? Searched everywhere in help and couldn’t find int.


Search ‘contact us’ and you’ll find a chat button

I have Monzo on a device with no sim in and it works fine

Thank you I was over thinking it, given the climate and just wanted some clarity. Appreciate your response :slight_smile:


Don’t forget though the phone number can be used to text you codes etc. So worth telling them unless the old number is accessible elsewhere.