Possible new mobile number

Hello guys. Just wanted to run something past you all and get a bit of advice please.
I’m changing mobile providers quite soon and whilst I like my current mobile number (handset remains the same!) I’m contemplating using the number on my new SIM card which is quite a good :blush: one.
Now I don’t want to stuff things up with Monzo and as a long standing customer I’m aware of the response times from c/s and otherwise I’m good with them.

My obvious question is how much of a pain will it be to change to a new number on a new network with the same handset with Monzo should I choose to do so ?

Your advice would be welcomed and thanks. :wave:

It’s as easy as changing it in ‘Settings → Personal details’ in-app.

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Thank you very much. :+1::wave:

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Just for clarification, my phone number is currently shown in the format ‘+44xxxxyyyyyy’ format - country code, no leading zero, no spaces

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