My account. Helpppp

Hi guys, I’m needing some help with my account.
So I have a teenager account and have had it for a while however I turned 18 in October and I don’t think it switches over as when I try to use payment method for my phone contract and you have to be 18 it doesn’t let me.
So my question is does anyone know how to swap to an adult account now that I’m 18


would you be able to help me pls? Or is this something you haven’t done before ?

It should automatically change

You’ll need to contact in app chat and ask them to look into it

Ok will do that thankyou!

are you still using the same card or have you replaced the card it could just be that

Check the address on your Monzo account matches the billing address on the phone you’re trying to sign up for.

This is usually the problem :crossed_fingers:t2:

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