Change Card Delivery Date

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Hoping somebody can assist? I have applied for an account, but I didn’t realise it would be delivered so quickly. I’m not used to such efficient service. I need to change the delivery date for when I actually arrive in Scotland. Any suggestions or means of contacting Monzo electronically to stop the sending of my card now and delaying it until I arrive?

When did you order it? With Christmas post it might not be there til next friday or later

Also, if for whatever reason it has been returned to sender when you arrive, you can order another, it won’t be a problem. The card won’t work until you activate it.

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That’s a first :laughing:

Can’t it be sat there waiting for when you arrive? It doesn’t need signing for or anything.


I ordered it today, but I’ll only be in Scotland from 02 January 2020. I thought I would be able to choose a delivery date.

Will they keep your post for you until you get there?

I think the order goes to the card manufacturer pretty quickly but if you have access to in app chat you could ask there

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