Change account number + sort code

(Dolan) #1

Hey, I accidently leaked my account number and sort code on the internet

Can I change this?

I am aware people can set up direct debits from this information


The direct debit guarantee protects you against this - if someone is stupid enough to set up a fraudulent direct debit anyway you can get it sorted by in-app chat and get a refund instantly. :+1:


Account number and sort code is fine for people to know - I send it out on my letterhead for my clients to pay via BACS.

(Caspar) #4

Jeremy Clarkson once printed his in a newspaper column to show how safe they were (I think this was after some government data leak) and all that happened was someone tried to set up a direct debit to donate to Greenpeace. It’s very unlikely someone would do this to you, it’s a lot of effort and is easily spotted and cancelled, and you’re fully protected if any do slip through.

(Jorge) #5

Always look on the bright side of life! Now people can actually transfer money to you :wink:

(Jonathon) #6

I’m curious though: is this actually possible?

I know you’re protected but you never know until the money goes out (normally, I know Monzo notify you) which might lead to you having no money at all for a period.

(#savetheseabass) #7

It would appear on the payments tab so you can cancel it as soon as it appears and as far as I remember you get a notification when it’s set up

(Tom ) #8

Some direct debits appear well before they are needed, and some only appear close to or on day of payment. I don’t know what the rules are but there doesn’t seem to be consistency about DDs.

I don’t believe so. At least I’ve never seen a “You new direct debit is ready” alert.

(#savetheseabass) #9

Must just be when you switch it then :+1:

(Tom ) #10

Yes that would make sense. Got a few notifications during CASS.


Then there should be one :wink: Seems like a useful feature to have.

(Jonathon) #12

It’s more of a pondering really. If my details were posted online I would rather them changed just in case. Protection or not.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #13

How does this even happen? :eyes: Can you explain?

Also, “on the internet” is hugely vague. If you posted on social media you can remove your post, ditto for various fora. Can we know what part of “the internet” this was (minus any info that could specifically identify you, of course)?

Is this something that could happen to others, is what I’m aiming at.

(Dolan) #14


(Peter Shillito) #15

I can confirm you get a notification when a direct debit is set up, not just when switching. I got one for Outfox The Market a few weeks before the first payment was to be taken. It showed up in the direct debits list and everything.

(Hugh Wells) #16

Hey :wave:

Whilst we can do this if you like, by contacting COps, it does have a few unintended side affects including being reported as a new account on your credit file as these are done based on account number :sweat_smile:

As has been mentioned above, you are protected under the Direct Debit guarantee for any unauthorised payments :raised_hands:

Nb: this doesn’t mean it is good to publicly share your account details - please don’t!


If anyone wants to send me some money you can do so at 04-00-04 33886626. Preferably 6-figure sums but pennies are most welcome too. Thanks in advance! :sunglasses:

(Jack) #18

We do (at least I do). I got a notification few days ago for a Moneybox Direct Debit being set up

(Tom ) #19

Excellent! That’s new functionality I haven’t seen.

(Dolan) #20

I wanted to ask for help with using the Monzo Develop API, and someone asked me to show me the result of the /accounts endpoint, so I sent them a screenshot of it and posted it in the Monzo Slack channel

Only realising afterwards that it contained some potential sensitive information haha :joy: