HELP - Account Number and Sort Code / Direct Debit Query

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Morning all,

Apologies if this has been discussed on an earlier thread, but I’m looking for some help on the direct debit function of the Monzo card.

I’ve recently received my prepaid card, and am wondering how I can find my account number and sort code so I can set up direct debits from the Monzo card?

I see a few threads stating they have done this, and I’d love to do the same.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Hi Luke -
your pre paid card doesnt have a set up direct debits function from the pre paid account - “from the Monzo card” - you can only pay direct debits - a fixed amount every month - into your prepaid card , but its as easy to just top up with your registered debit card - only the current account cards can pay direct debits out of the account

  • to set up a direct debit into your prepaid card see the post below


Hi Luke,

As @iansilversides has mentioned above the prepaid model doesn’t offer this functionality. You may have seen threads in the current account section. Current accounts are rolling out with some pace now, with all customers being transferred by the end of the year.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Ben, (and Ian above)

Thanks for responding.

Is there anything i can do in order to receive a current account sooner? is there an ‘opt in service’ that i should have done to show that i’d like to have such an account? or shall i just wait patiently until i’m notified by Monzo?

Thanks again.

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I’m sure a mod or employee will correct me however given you have just recently received your pre pay card I’d imagine the CA Card will be attainable in December. I’m not sure you will be able to speed this up.

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