Shutl eBay Delivery

Has anyone had a bad experience with this delivery option? :thinking: Two weeks ago I sold an Xbox One X console and eBay suggested this delivery option. It was shipped via UPS.

Turns out the console went missing, I had to refund the buyer and Shutl are pointing me to their no compensation list which covers basically every item a person would sell on eBay! :see_no_evil:

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Was the transaction on PayPal? You might want to try and open a case there?
Hope you can sort this out.

I’ve had bad luck with eBay in the past too. A while back I sold my Boosted Board and somewhere during shipping the board got lost. The buyer never bought it and was refunded by eBay. I never got it back and now I were without the money and the item.

I’ve also had a case where I sold my brand new iPhone Xs. The buyer claimed it was locked and would not work with Verzion. Despite the fact that the phone was bought unlocked from Apple and that phones newer than iPhone 8 aren’t locked to a carrier anymore. I provided evidence from Apple that the phone was in fact bought from them and therefore was not unlocked, but eBay sided with the buyer and refunded her. I was forced to accept the return and got back a fake phone in return. eBay said there was nothing they could do.

The conclusion is: eBay is a pretty good place for buying stuff, not so much for selling.

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@johnbiondini yeah the transaction was paid through PayPal, I did call them and they’ve said to get in contact with eBay, I did that and they said they’d email Shutl. Even if the item wasn’t on the no compensation list, the maximum compensation would be £60.

eBay suggested I “try” and ask for more. @bendik that’s some serious loss, I don’t think I’ll be selling on there again!

Those no compensation lists are just ridiculous, I know your pain. I’ve used Parcel2Go in the past quite regularly and eventually a courier managed to break something but of course their insurance only covers things that are impossible to break. If you send a Nokia 3310 it’s probably the only thing they’ll insure you for as it’s unbreakable.

Hi mate have u filled out there claims form

Hi Gavin, yeah thanks, I filled that out on 5th June! I had this email from Shutl advising to do so:

"We have taken a look into this with the carrier and they have deemed the item lost in transit.

I do apologise that the item has not been delivered. Please see below a link to our claims form:

Please be aware our standard process is to cover the full value of your item, up to the value of £25 for all services except UPS, UK Mail and DPD which is £60, unless enhanced compensation was selected. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of shipment date to be approved, if a claim is submitted after these 30 days, the claim will be declined. If the claim is approved, the postage will be returned to you separately.

When the claim is submitted it will be passed to our claims team who will investigate this and confirm within the next 2 weeks, via a separate email, whether the claim was successful.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Senior Customer Service Advisor"

Only problem is the Xbox was sold for £240!

I would take this to the head office of the service u used