Certified bank statements for visas


I just joined and i may be using this feature incorrectly, for which i do apologise if so, just a bit anxious at the moment. I submitted my documents for a visa application to Spain from the UK last week and they just got back to me requesting bank statements certified by the bank. The ones i submitted were the ones i requested in the app chat which i thought would suffice, but unfortunately not. They have given me 10 days to provide this information lest my visa is declined and my application rescinded. A bit concerned i might lose the amount of money i spent on flights and accommodation for my trip :frowning: Is anyone from Monzo able to help, i am still waiting on the in app chat, just need to know whether this is certifying is something that can be done? I’d imagine certifying involves a stamp or signature of some sort. Please help.


What are Spain’s exact requirements for accepting proof ?

In the UK for example bank statements must be on official bank stationary, or if electronic, must be accompanied by a covering letter on bank stationary certifying the authenticity of the statements or every page of the electronic statement is stamped with the banks official stamp.

You need to look up the specific requirements Spain requires for this proof and then get that from monzo.

Hi Eden,

Thanks for getting back. This is the guidance provided. I suspect they need to see stamps or signatures to see that someone has actually seen the document, and i am not printing it off myself, which was not the case.

Proof of sufficient financial guarantees: up to date original bank statements for the last 6
months which clearly state periodic income (salary transfer, yield, etc.).
This Consular Section will not accept bank statements from on-line banking.
Proof of sufficient financial availability for the period of stay requested: £80 per day of stay
and person, with a minimum of £724 per person regardless of the intended duration of the stay.
In case of sponsored trip: notarised sponsorship letter duly dated and signed, officially
translated into Spanish, supported by the following sponsor documents: passport (original and
copy), employment letter officially translated, last 6-month original bank statements

In this case, it is likely you will need monzo to post you original copies of your bank statements on monzos official bank stationary.

Spain will likely have specific instruction on what’s accepted by the government in a document somewhere like the UK does, but if this is what you have officially been told then you may find it easier for monzo to send you original copies.

(I assume you need to post them?)

That is just the thing, it was on Monzo stationary,like high quality paper with the company logo and all that. I suspect, it is because there were many pages of the statement as it is 6 months, they just require the stamp/signature just to confirm all the pages are original. There is a thread on trip advisor about how pedantic this particular consulate can be about statements (which, fair enough), just wondering if Monzo are able to do a one off-stamp. I have seen a previous thread on here where someone managed to get one,so it is more how quickly can that be made available, i guess.

I mean they’ll have a stamp. Try asking in app chat for them to send you the statements with the stamp.


If there sending the statements anyway then they won’t need stamped. Though I guess it couldn’t hurt. Unless the takes stamped to mean not original and reject it.

I’d be inclined to produce exactly what was asked for if at all possible.

What they send you (without the stamp) is literally what you have printed though. Without the stamp you wouldn’t see much difference from my understanding.


I’ve not requested one in years. My understanding is there’s a difference, maybe stamped, signed, printed on official paper, or accompanied by a bank managers signed cover letter authenticating the statements. In this case it’s clear they won’t accept online statements, they need ‘official’ statements from monzo… Maybe all monzo can do is stamp them?

If Monzo send you one it’s literally just printed from their printer. You’re not getting anything different to your own printer.

The stamp is, from what I know, the only thing they could do. Other than perhaps a letter but I don’t know how that could exactly be verified either.

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I had to get my bank statements stamped by the Cooperative Bank several years ago for my wife’s visa application. They did it while I waited in the branch.

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It’s dependant on banks, but some will print statements on headed bank paper.

I’m guessing monzo may not do this? But a stamp alone might not be enough as the specifically say no online statements. It would probably be worth having stamped statements from monzo along with a cover from monzos bank manager authenticating the statements. (Then they have someone to ask if needed)

I have requested this in app, so hopefully when someone responds, they can arrange it. If not, i will just have to send them a letter explaining my situation and hope for the best. Obtaining a visa is always a hustle. :confused:

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I know other banks do but Monzo print exactly what you’re able to print from the app.

But I’m sure they can do something.

Certified bank statements are totally possible. Let in-app chat know your exact requirements and we’ll do it. :+1: