Bank statements for Visa


I will be sponsoring my husband for a UK visa, which requires 6 months of statements. The home office states:

“Bank statements must be on official bank stationery. Alternatively, electronic bank statements can also be accepted for all bank accounts (the account itself does not have to be exclusively online) as long as they are either accompanied by a letter from the bank on its headed stationery confirming that the documents are authentic or which bear the official stamp of the issuing bank on every page”

I am currently in Brazil with my husband so would Monzo email me the statements and letter? Or is it only by post?

All the documents have to be uploaded digitally to the home office website so surely the letter/ statements could be emailed as opposed to posted?

My concern is if it’s not a digital letter that I could fall foul of the 28 day rule given how slow the post is in Brazil

Any help appreciated :pray:

You can get statements through the app


I am aware of that, but those statements alone are not acceptable.

My question is not where can I get the statements but more about if the accompanying letter is posted or emailed.

Apologies if that was unclear

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You’ll need to ask Monzo.

But from the other times this comes up, they’ll stamp them but that’s about it, and it takes ages.

Seems completely pointless to me for them to require official from the bank documents and then make you upload them.

Given that Monzo is UK residents only, I’d say it’s unlikely they’ll be posted to you. But nobody here can tell you for certain.


Exactly, surely the only secure way would be for the home office to authenticate it themselves with Monzo.

But if they reject the application it’s £1,500 down the pan and probably another 6 month wait