Bank Statement for UK Visa Application

Has anyone here applied for a UK visa and used Monzo bank statement? I’ve held my monies in my pot for 90 days plus but now there’s an issue with the total balance not tally-ing with the current balance on the statement. Has anyone ever gotten a statement including pots IN the statement? Is it possible to get one?

If you go to the bottom of Summary and click “Export & Bank Statements” this includes pots in the total

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Hi sean, I’m wondering the same. Did you have problems in the process by using monzo statements? Hope you could let me know so I can shift to Barclays while still early

Okay Alexa here’s what I did. Because all of the monies was in the pot, i had to get Monzo Team to print a letter and signed by hand; that stated I had x amount of money for 90 days. Bit tricky. Whatever it is, so the sake of your visa, DO NOT put your money into different pots because the balance sheet doesn’t count the pots until the end of the statement.


Ed, thank you very much for this reponse. Very helpful!

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