Stamped bank statements with confirmation letter

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Around 1st week of November i will require 6 months worth of bank statements. May 21 - oct 21 this is for a spouse visa to verify my wages coming in for ukvi. How do i go about getting physical copies which are stamped on every single page and also request a letter on company letterhead to confirm they are genuine statements.

I know it sounds simple but ukvi can be quite funny with statements when it comes to visas. Im using monzo as my main account for a while and i hope theres no issues as its not a high street bank. My wages get paid in to here and its my everyday account. Also once i request this how long will they take to arrive.

Thank you

Once you contact :monzo: in-app support team, they will inform you about what to do and (hopefully) an estimated time frame :grin:

Search for ‘stamped bank statements’ in the in-app help section.

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The bank statements don’t need to be stamped usually. Also I don’t think you need a letter, maybe you have it confused with the letter you need from your employer to confirm your payslips are genuine?

Hi yes they do need to be stamped and the letter to confirm also. The employer letter is seperate to this to confirm your are working and your hours etc.

UK visa stuff is absurd.

Literary nobody has paper statements anymore.

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Be very clear about what you need - I asked for 3 months of personal and business statements and got complete sets of both back to when I opened my accounts, literally hundreds of pages in two huge envelopes, and some poor Monzo staff member had to stamp every single page :frowning:

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I honestly think you may have misunderstood the requirements unless it has changed in the last six months. I think you need *one of * printed statements on the banks paper, stamped electronic statements, or electronic statements plus a letter. Not all three of those things.

I’d double check if I were you, sending additional documents might seem like safeguarding but they don’t like it.


Wow :rofl:

If they managed to do them all and not miss a single page, that’s impressive!

Someone earned their salary that day :sweat_smile:


Or got punished :rofl: