Certified Bank Statements -UK Spouse Visa Application

I need certified Bank statements for a spouse visa application (March to June), and chay have just told me it will take 5 working days to get them to me.

This could be too late, as my employer has just released some concerning news.

However, starling has been able to provide me their statements online within 10 minutes, stamped and all.

Now, this could potentially keep a family apart and is incredibly time sensitive. Chat have escalated it but I’m yet to get a response.

I don’t care if Monzo prints, stamps, then scans them to sends them to me. But I need them fast.

What can be done?

There’s nothing you can do.

You can print the statements yourself or wait for the post.

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This won’t work - as it needs to be stamped by Monzo. Unfortunately all you can do is wait for Monzo to do it and send it back.

All you can do is check in every day perhaps, but hopefully it will happen sooner than five days :slight_smile:

And Monzo only stamp the front page, so it becomes even more pointless!


As an aside, when, once upon a time, I went through the family visa process, I sent bank statements printed from my printer at home. Is this a new requirement to have them stamped/certified by the bank?

I dont know when it changed, but yes.

I’ve read that others have managed to get the application approved without stamped statements, but the UK HO guidance specifically request stamped statements, especially if coming from a digital banking provider with no physical branches.

So I’m at a loss, and if Monzo only stamp the first page, this is also useless as the UK HO states it must be stamped on every page…

Check that you really need them. OH needed biometrics done for a residence permit. She didn’t need to pay anything for these but on turning up the company were quite insistent that she needed to pay over £200. She didn’t. It really was free but she needed to be just as insistent as they were.