Categorising New Payments

After you make a payment and it shows the categories screen, when you click a category within 1 second or so, the category selector will bounce back to “General” instead of the one you selected

Details to reproduce:
Make a payment
Choose a category quickly
Selection bounces back to “General”


OnePlus 7 Pro

App Version:


Hello and welcome :wave::blush:

I also noticed it maaaany app updates ago (Android too) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not an issue for me, but sometimes irritats :expressionless:

I’ve witnessed this phenomenon too. I was categorising payments on a connected account though and put it down to the fact the card was showing as “refreshing”.

Yep! Was maaaany updates ago, but only decided to post it now😅
Does bother me quite a bit when i’m trying to do things quickly and get through multiple payments…

Since it doesn’t do this after waiting a second or so, i guess there’s some sort of background process going on which causes it to jump back

We all know that tech staff focusing on most important things :thinking:
This is not an essential bug. Is it?

Getting the same"action" on my Huawei too.

Knowing it is coming, I just wait and then click category again.

It’s irritating, but not the most important irritation in my life atm.

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Still happening after many years, many versions, multiple phones… Very annoying.