[Android/iOS] Category always changed to General after bank transfer

(Ben Winchester) #1

When sending a payment to someone via a bank transfer you’re asked to select the category, but regardless of what you choose it gets lumped into general. :confused:

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Can confirm this also happens on iOS not just Android.

(joekw) #3

I’ve had this happen for every bank payment since (i think) the current account started. Kind of funny it hasn’t been fixed yet.

(Harry) #4

@HughWells confirmed Monzo are aware and a fix is being worked on.

(Tom ) #5

Any update on a fix for this @HughWells?

I’m always forgetting then having to spend a chunk of time at the end of each month recategorising things I thought I’d already categorised.

It’s the same issue with CA to JA accounts which I thought were dealt with via P2P?

(Hugh Wells) #6

Afraid not :disappointed:

I really hope this doesn’t go round for a year without a fix! I have escalated it again to see if we can get it looked at but it isn’t a trivial fix I’m afraid :disappointed_relieved:

(Tom ) #7

I think this is fixed??


Just had a chance to test this on iOS.

Immediately after sending the bank transfer, the feed item for the bank transfer showed General as it’s category, but a few seconds later it updated to the category I’d chosen from the ‘send bank transfer’ flow.

OS: iOS 12.1.4
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: 2.36.0 #508 (TestFlight)